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      Thursday, September 21, 2006

03:37 PM - 09/21/2006

The topic: Lisa’s home


And she lost some teeth.  The receptionist counted five listed, but he only mentioned three.  He said he went down to the jawline and did some major scraping there, this crap had invaded it.  Hopefully, the extraction will take care of the stomatitis.

Her blood panel came back good, said no sign of trouble, although her globulin was off.  He attributed that to the inflammation in her gums.

I take her back on October 2 for a recheck, to see if the surgery did what we hope it did.


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01:09 PM - 09/21/2006

The topic: Doctor’s appointment


I made my first doctor’s appointment in twenty years this morning.  I’ve been good about the woman doc, but not about the general health doc.

See, an hour or so ago, my left eye went wacky. It was like someone had shot a flash or I’d looked into the sun.   But that hadn’t happened.  Then my left thumb started to tingle.  Then it quit tingling and my left index finger started to tingle. 

Concerned, I took my blood pressure.  It was sky high.  So, I started cleaning litterboxes and I did the dishes, just in case something happened. And I took some calcium.  I called my old doctor and made an appointment, for Monday at 10:15.  Since both of my parents have/had high blood pressure, I guess I might be stuck on meds.  And I’m fat.  There, I said it.

Anyway, she said if things got really bad, to get to the Urgent Care that’s next to a major hospital in the area.  If Urgent Care can’t do anything, they’ll send me over to the hospital.  *sigh*

Anyway, dishes done, litterboxes cleaned, I laid on the sofa and took my blood pressure.  It’s come way down.   That’s good.


Update:  I took my BP at 1:35 and it was 120/83.  Not bad at all.  I wonder why it spiked like it did.  I find that very odd.  At the suggestion of the nurse, I’ll be sporadically taking my pressure and writing it down to take with me on Monday.

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10:29 AM - 09/21/2006

The topic: Food


We had pancakes for breakfast.  Because I bought a bottle of blueberry syrup yesterday.  The cats like pancakes.  So, Brian always makes enough batter to make a huge pancake for the cats, which he rips apart and tosses to the unwashed masses.

Yesterday, I cooked a roast in the crockpot.  Not for dinner, but for Brian’s lunch.  I slice it up and it makes a couple of week’s worth of sandwiches.  I cook it one day, wrap it in foil, put in the frig, then run the slicer the next morning.  I usually have a problem with helpers when I do the slicing. 

Not this morning, they were too busy eating pancakes.

The didn’t eat all of the pancake, though, and I had to go through the kitchen and dining room, picking up uneaten pieces of pancake.  They’re no fun to step on barefoot, ya know.

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10:21 AM - 09/21/2006
We found nothing on our walk this morning

The topic: I hate waiting


Lisa is at the vet’s office, where she’ll have a dental today.  They’re also going to do pre-anesthetic bloodwork, which is a good idea.  She’s twelve and a half years old now and a blood panel is warranted at this age.  It will alert us to any problems with her organs, like kidney disease.

She was very good on the way over and wasn’t upset about not having any food since last night. 

Last night, when we pulled the food up, she was eating kibble without any problem, so I’m hoping that she doesn’t need any teeth extracted.

I bet she’s scared right now.  I can go pick her up after three this afternoon.

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