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      Wednesday, September 06, 2006

08:57 AM - 09/06/2006

The topic: Do you Woot?


I Woot. I've gotten other people to Woot. It's always fun to pop your Woot cherry. I Wooted this morning, as a matter of fact, even before I ate breakfast.

What is Woot? you ask? I'll tell you. Woot is Woot.com.Woot sells one thing a day.  They start selling that item at midnight, central time. If they sell out of that product before the twenty four hours is up, they don’t sell anything else that day.  If they don’t sell out, that item is either sold during a “Woot off” or sold in a “Bag O’ Crap”.

And they have great prices on what they sell.  This morning, it was a “Dazzle to Go USB 2.0 TV Tuner and Video Editor” for $44.99.  With $5.00 shipping.  It’s always $5.00 shipping.  You can only buy three of an item.  Per credit card, that is. And the shipping is still just $5.00.  If you buy three 61” plasma televisions, the shipping is $5.00.  Total.  For all three.  The “Dazzle to Go” sells elsewhere for twice the price I paid for mine this morning.  A great deal.  So great, I bought two.  Well, one’s for my buds in the Bay area, since I know they were interested in something like this.  I called them up when I saw the bouncing “buy me” button.  When the buy button bounces, the product is almost gone.  So you have to act fast.  I did call them to inquire if they would be interested in this woot.  I knew, though, that it would be gone by the time they had the computer booted up and I was on the checkout page already.  I was told by all means, to woot for them.  I did.  I love to woot.

A “woot-off” is awful.  Well, not awful, it’s really fun, but you don’t want to miss anything during the woot-off.  They sell what didn’t sell earlier.  They sell it more cheaply than they did before.  During the last woot-off, I bought two refurbed 256MB SanDisk MP3 players.  For $12.99 each.  With $5.00 total shipping.  My entry into the world of portable music.  I like it.  I’ll be watching for bigger and better ones.  On Woot.com, of course.  The woot-off lasts for up to 48 hours.  Or when they sell out of the last item. See, they put a product up, and you can watch the bar go down as the item sells.  Once it’s sold out, they move onto a new item.  They do this until all they’ve got to sell, sells out.  If something doesn’t sell, it’s known as a “woot-off killer”.  I’ve seen the selling slow way down, but eventually, everything gets sold.  It’s fun! Except you don’t want to go to sleep, because there might be something you really, really need (that you never even knew you needed until you saw it on Woot) at a great price. 

They sell all sorts of things. Ice cream makers.  Bread machines.  Video cards. Plasma televisions. Speakers. Televisions. DVD players.  Bagel splitters.  Wine.  Airbeds.   The variety is wide.

One thing I’d love to be able to buy is a Bag O’ Crap.  A BOC is a dollar.  With $5.00 shipping.  For three dollars, you can get three Bags O’ Crap.  With $5.00 shipping.  You don’t know what you bought until you get it.  And some of the stuff they send is great.  I’ve read where someone got a 35” plasma television in his BOC.  I read where another got a pencil.  You don’t know what you’re going to get.  I want the opportunity to buy three BOCs.  I really do.  But they sell out quickly, within seconds.

Anyway, since I so enjoy Wooting, I thought I’d share this little pasttime of mine with my readers.

Oh, the stuff I bought this morning?  By the time I was done with my checkout, they were sold out.  Whew!  Just in the knick of time. I love to Woot.

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