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      Thursday, July 27, 2006

09:29 AM - 07/27/2006

The topic: The kittens


It’s so entertaining to watch the kittens exploring.  For the past couple of weeks, they’ve had access to the backyard.  They’ve pretty much stayed on the patio, only occasionally venturing to the sides of the house, staying close to the building.

Well, yesterday, they went a little further into the yard by themselves.  And this morning, I watched as they climbed the swing and shimmied down, jumping the last few feet to the ground.  And I just grinned when their mother joined them. If what I was told was correct, she’s not much older than a kitten herself.  About fourteen months old. 

I hope they don’t find the pool just yet.  I’d like them to be a little bigger when they first fall in so climbing out won’t be so difficult.

mom and kittens rest after a hard morning at play

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07:01 AM - 07/27/2006

The topic: The heat


It’s still bad.  A couple of days ago, it was a fairly pleasant day and because of cloud cover, didn’t get out of the 80s.  Right now, the house is about 80° and according to this morning’s weather report, it’s supposed to be cloudy all day.  One can only hope.

While on our walk this morning (and we’ve gone every day since it’s been so muggy, we’re downright proud of ourselves) a man was out watering and offered his hose.  I think he thought I wanted a drink, hell no, I took that hose and I ran water all over my face, head and down the front of my shirt.  It cooled me off a little, which was nice because this was right before our Tuesday and Thursday hill.  (We have a set route for each day and that’s helped us because we’re not “where are we going to walk this morning?”; we know when we walk out of the door which way we’re going.)

I told Brian that I don’t mind this type of weather occasionally.  But not week after week.  I can’t recall a time when it’s been this hot and muggy for weeks on end like it has this year.  I can’t even imagine like summers are in the south east.  Sure, if you grow up in it, you’re acclimated and it doesn’t bother you (as badly). 

I’m not acclimated.

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