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      Monday, July 17, 2006

11:10 AM - 07/17/2006
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The topic: Needy kitty cats


I don’t know what’s going on with some of the cats.  A couple of them are just really needy.  It started over a month ago.  I wondering if Ciara’s illness had anything to do with it.  Cats can sense things we humans can’t and maybe it’s upset some of the other cats so that they need affirmation that we still love them and they need it a lot.  It started before Captain, Lorelei, Rory and Ron Howard came here to live, but maybe their arrival magnified the problems.

Mystie is one of the needy ones.  There are times she just won’t let me be, trying to climb on me, laying on me, just wanting to be close.  Another needy one is her sister, Katie.  Katie doesn’t want to be held, but she wants to talk. And she wants your full attention when she tells you what she thinks you need to hear.

Another needy one is Benny. He follows me all around, snuggles with me whenever he gets a chance and seems to need to be reminded that I love him.  I hope whatever is going on with them passes.  I hate that they seem so insecure right now.

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10:53 AM - 07/17/2006

The topic: Kittens


The kittens are growing up so fast.  They love being outside, but come inside to use the litterboxes, which makes me laugh.  This weekend, Brian and I were back by the shop and Ron Howard started running back towards us.  We looked at one another and both said “this could be a problem”, ‘cause the kittens are so little.  I don’t think, though, if one of them fell in the pool, there’d be a problem for it to climb out. I know first hand how sharp those little claws can be.

I’m sure their mom won’t be so receptive to the feeding when she gets home from her spay.  She has been spending more time out of their reach for the past few weeks, sleeping on the dressers.  So, I don’t think their being weaned will be so traumatic for them. 

under one of the cat trees on the patio; you can see that Rory's eyes are no longer the kitten blue

Rory "hides" under a hose, before attacking her brother

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10:43 AM - 07/17/2006

The topic: Spay day!


Lorelei is in right now.  When I took her in this morning, I was told there’s a good chance she can come home this afternoon since the vet started using a new anesthetic and the cats wake up much earlier.  Way cool!  After Phoebe eviscerated herself when she was spayed, I was reluctant to leave a cat overnight.

She’s getting more relaxed here, this morning she was running around the backyard and up one of the trees.  I love it when a newcomer finally feels safe enough to enjoy the place.


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10:21 AM - 07/17/2006

The topic: Handsome


He was pretty hungry this morning because I pulled all food up last night (Lorelei’s spay appointment is today). I gave him a piece of chicken, which he threw up while I was gone to the vet.  He didn’t puke all night.  I’m wondering what the trigger might be.

Anyway, today is the third full day of his meds and I really think they’re helping him.  He still gets his l-Lysine in baby food in the morning.  I stopped the bone meal because the acupuncturist of Ciara’s said bone meal was garbage.  He said it’s heated so many times and at such a high heat before it’s pulverized, it loses any thing in it that might be effective.  I did start adding a fish oil capsule to the food, though.  I just started that last week. At first I tested it to see if he’d eat it and he lapped the oil off of my fingers.  He liked it, so now he’s getting it on a daily basis.

He lapped up some diluted goat’s milk, then I gave him the rest of the can of A/D from yesterday (I heated it a little) and he finished that.  He sat there for a while, then I put him on the back of the chair in the family room.  He settled in and I could hear him purring from my spot on the sofa.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard him purr that loudly.  So, I think he’s feeling pretty good right now.

I was watching him sleep and it looks like it’s not hurting him so much.  Last week, it seemed that it hurt him to swallow (like when you’ve got a sore throat), which could be from those sores the vet said he might get because of the FIV.  He’s not doing that right now and he’s also not drooling as much.  I caught him washing his face yesterday after he ate, and grooming is always a good sign.

Giving him the drops always used to be such a PITA, but after all the stuff I was giving Ciara, this is a walk in the park.  I grab a towel, get Handsome, get on the floor, kneel, then sit back on my feet, put Handsome between my legs, his head facing the same direction as mine, his butt against my feet so he can’t squirm backwards, put the towel around his legs, do a semi-chokehold on his legs and use my other hand, holding the dropper with two fingers, I open his mouth a little with the other fingers and squirt the med in.  Then I let him go.  He doesn’t hold it against me, thank goodness. The meds won’t have a chance to work if I don’t give them to him.


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