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      Wednesday, July 12, 2006

12:58 PM - 07/12/2006

The topic: Georgie’s eyes


I think George has Haw's Syndrome. Both of his inner eyelids are up, between a third and halfway. They aren’t like that constantly and he’s not acting sick.

He’s eating, doing a little fighting and well, just being George.  Normal.  His eyes just are weird.  After doing the internet search and finding out what it most likely is and maybe somehow tapeworms can cause it, I dosed him with something to get rid of any tapes he might have (and I know some of the cats do have tapeworms…).

It does look like the eyes are getting better.  From what I read, it might take weeks.  *sigh*

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12:41 PM - 07/12/2006

The topic: Benny’s summer do


He had his yearly shave this morning (the reason the food came up last night).  I’ll take pictures of him later.  I’m happy it was done so quickly.

When Ciara was near the end, one night I was dreaming and in the middle of the dream a voice boomed out “Benny’s sick!”  Of course, Benny didn’t look sick or act sick, but after all we were going through with Ciara and the loss of DeeJay and Annie earlier this year, it made me a little nervous.  So, when I called to make the appointment last week, I also requested they do a blood panel on him.

When I brought him in, I asked if there was anyway to see if he might be done early.  There’ve been a couple of times in the past where he was ready before the normal three in the afternoon pick up time.  And today was one of those, Kelsey called around 11:30 saying he was done.

When I paid the bill, they told me his bloodwork was “beautiful”.  Whew. They also told me what a sweet cat he was and what a very nice coat he had.

There are some people who think shaving a cat is cruel.  At one time, I would have agreed with them.  But one year, Benny gave me such a scare, I no longer agree.  Some cats do better shaved.

See, Benny isn’t a big lover of hanging out in the house.  At all.  He likes it outside.  During any kind of weather (think of the pictures I’ve taken of him in the house, dripping wet from the rain; he’d come in, dry off, go back outside and get soaked again, didn’t bother him in the least), hot or cold.  And he’s got this nice thick coat of fur.  Better for a cold weather climate than the heat we’ve got here in SoCal.

Anyway, one summer I found him outside, just laying there panting. He wasn’t moving much and I was very concerned he might be getting a heat stroke.  I brought him in the house, wiped him down with a damp towel and let him lay on the tile in the entry way.  He stayed there for a while, but went back outside.  I mentioned this at my vet’s office the next time I took a cat in and they said “we can shave him for you”.  And I made the appointment for him.

I gotta tell ya, when he got home, he was a completely different cat. He was so happy. He was super affectionate, he stretched out on the floor showing his tummy.  He was a content, happy cat. It’s hard to describe the difference it made in his attitude.  But it was for the better.

Brian doesn’t like the idea that he has to be masked (sedated) to get shaved, but Benny fights the shaving (he’s not like DeeJay who made the connection between the administering of fluids to feeling better) and it’s hard for it to get done properly.  We might not do this again, since Benny isn’t a spring chicken, but I think if we have the pre-anesthesia bloodwork done, he should be okay. 

Because it gets so miserably hot here and he so loves being outside.  And by the time it starts cooling off, his coat is almost back to normal. And we want him to be happy.

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12:24 PM - 07/12/2006

The topic: Handsome


He’s doing better. 

Yesterday morning he was begging for food when I fed KittyMeeze, so I gave him some.  A little later, I gave him some goat’s milk.  After that, he wasn’t doing so well.  I did the hydration test on his back and it appeared that he was a little dehydrated.  I tried giving him fluids (wisely, I only filled one 60cc syringe) and got about twenty into him before his protestations became too strong.  He felt cold to me and I put a blanket over him when he was curled up in Brian’s recliner. He stayed there for hours. The nap must have somewhat rejuvenated him because he became a little more alert than he had been.  And during the rest of the day, when I’d see him sleeping, for the most part he was actually sleeping on his side, not doing the meatloaf thing that I’m sure we’re all familiar with for a kitty cat who’s not feeling well. 

Because I’ve been finding vomit in the morning, which I know is his because of how much liquid is in it (he swallows all of that drool), yesterday, I started giving him an additional quarter tab of Pepcid (I’ve had some people who have CRF cats advise me that more can be given) at night.  There was no puke this morning, but that might be because the food was all pulled up last night before we went to bed.

This morning, he was very, very hungry.  He made sure he was in the kitchen when I made Brian’s lunch, hoping that something might fall. I gave him his chicken, which he inhaled. He didn’t appreciate the other cats, though, and growled them away whenever they got too close.

He ate all of his l-Lysine in the babyfood and he had some cottage cheese. So, I think he’s feeling better. I’m hoping it was just some sort of little virus he caught.  As I’ve said before, the FIV he has does a number on his immune system and it’s hard for him to fight some of this stuff off.  That’s why it’s so important that he gets the l-Lysine on a daily basis, because it sure helps.  With all of the stuff that was going on with Ciara, he wasn’t getting the amino acid every day like he should have been.  I’d make it up for him, but I didn’t stay to make sure he finished.  He’ll fight for that chicken, but he’s not all that gung ho on the babyfood any longer. It’s pretty easy for one of the other cats to nose him out of it.

Now, we just wait. Thanks for all of the prayers and good thoughts and healing energy you’ve been sending his way. 

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