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      Thursday, June 22, 2006

09:16 AM - 06/22/2006

The topic: The latest about Ciara


She’s got a healthy appetite and that’s a good thing.  She peed a couple of times in the carrier yesterday, but this morning, her bedding is dry. She did have a small amount of litter on her paws, so I’m thinking she got out of the carrier to pee and probably made it into the litterbox.  There was some urine between the carrier and the litterbox, but her tail wasn’t wet.  I would think if she’d peed out there, her tail would have gotten some of the urine on it.

And the leg that went lame seemed to have a little more motion in it this morning.  Which, of course, could be just wishful thinking on my part.

I haven’t heard from Dr. Johnson yet about the MRI.  And as the hours go by, my thinking is going in a different direction.  I guess it’s because I just hate sitting here, doing nothing to help her.

I called the holistic vet again, made an appointment for tomorrow at 10:30.  If there’s any way possible to get through this without surgery, that’s the way I’d like to take her.  They already have her files from my vet, Elena was on the ball and got them sent over right quick. 

It’s not the money, the money isn’t a problem.  But surgery is a scary thing. 

And I’ve also decided that I’m not going to change vets. I was going over the relationship I have with the clinic and I like the employees, I do like my vet and they know my cats.  They know me.  If I’ve got a sick cat and they are busy, there’s no problem with me just bringing in the cat and leaving it there. Little things like when Opie had feline acne, I didn’t have to bring him in for an examination, I was just given ointment for him.  As for the misdiagnosis, the x-ray view the vet took didn’t show anything.  Other views would have, but at the time, they didn’t seem necessary. 

Cooler heads are prevailing and leaving would have been a knee-jerk reaction.

And now that I know Ciara isn’t in immediate danger of dying, I can relax a little and get a chance to think more clearly.

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