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      Thursday, June 15, 2006

01:06 PM - 06/15/2006

The topic: Ringtone


When we were at CostCo last week, there was a guy whistling a familiar tune.  I stopped and cocked my head to hear him better.

It was my all time favorite Christmas tune! 

As we left the building, I was setting “Sleigh Ride” as my current ringtone, who cares that it’s summer?

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09:28 AM - 06/15/2006

The topic: Glasses vs contacts


A long time ago, I wore contacts.  I guess I got tired of putting them in or something, but I quit wearing them.  I don’t think it was because they were uncomfortable, I think it was because I got lazy.

My eyesight isn’t all that bad, I can drive without glasses, they just seem to sharpen things up a bit.  I do need reading glasses, there’s no question about that.

Brian and I have appointments Saturday morning at CostCo to get our eyes checked.  He’s never worn glasses so this will be new for him.  He won’t wear contacts, he just wants to see.  *grin*

I keep weighing what I want to wear and what would be more practical for me.  I like the idea of contacts of not having to put glasses on and take them off.  My current glasses work just fine, my eyesight hasn’t really got that bad, except for close up. 

Does anyone who reads this have experience with the bifocal types of contact lenses?  If so, do/did you like them?  Were they hard to get used to?  Pros and cons?


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08:58 AM - 06/15/2006
I'm watching The Skeleton Key

The topic: Ciara update


Ciara is making slow progress.  I took the crate out of the house on Monday, she’s loose in the house.  Although, she’s not running “loose”, she spends most of her time on the bed.  To make it easier for her, I put the little step stool next to it, so she can get down a little easier.  Getting up isn’t so hard for her.

For the first time in over a week, she actually purred for me yesterday and gave me her belly. 

Her back legs are getting stronger, it doesn’t look like she’s fighting so hard to get up.

I just wish she’d start eating on her own, without me putting the food in front of her face.

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08:53 AM - 06/15/2006

The topic: DVD sale


Okay, I checked my list twice and am pretty satisfied with the ones I ordered.  One of the sets I got was the first year of Boston Legal.  I love that show.  When I was cruising the site, checking for shows I knew I liked I looked into the Legend of Brisco County. 

That was such a fun show, very entertaining.  It hasn’t been out on video yet and it’s just one of those things, every once in a while I check to see if it’s available yet. Well, it is!  Well, not really out yet, but it’s due for release next month, so I advanced ordered it.  Didn’t get to take advantage of that 20% discount, but so what? 

I did find it online where someone was selling it for $99.00 last month, but that wasn’t the official release, that was just someone selling video that they’d recorded from the television.  I wanted the real thing.

We didn’t watch it when it was first out on Fox, but we caught the reruns on TNT on Saturday mornings. It was so neat to sit there eating our cereal watching a western, it was just like when I was a kid.  Sky King, Roy Rogers, et al.

Woohoo!  Next month!

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