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      Friday, May 26, 2006

09:47 AM - 05/26/2006

The topic: The outfronts


There’s something going on again.  I wish I knew what it was.  Carla just disappears. And sometimes I think KittyMeeze goes with her.

There are times when she’s gone and he stays here in our yard. Like he doesn’t know where she is. But there are other times, she’s gone and he’s gone. He’ll come for food, then he leaves again.  I think she’s not feeling well and he keeps her company.  The last time we saw her was Sunday night.  It rained quite a bit after midnight and she hasn’t been around since.

KittyMeeze wasn’t here Wednesday night or yesterday morning, but did show up last night.  Brian only put out one can of food which wasn’t mixed with dry and only a small amount of that was eaten.  KittyMeeze was there this morning for breakfast and he ate some of last night’s food as well as some of the canned I put out this morning.

Now he’s gone again.

And the possoms aren’t coming, either, as the almost full dishes in the morning lead us to believe.

When I talked to my mom, she said that a coyote was in her yard this morning (she lives less than a half mile from us, we walk next to her house on one of our weekday walks).  She finally wised up and gets both of her cats in at dusk, not letting them out until she’s out of bed for the day.  Bobby, her youngest, sat in the windows and growled (the windows are out of reach of a coyote).  Miss E ran under the bed where she stayed. 

So, it would seem the coyotes are out in force.

I hate coyotes. I think I might have mentioned that once or twice.

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09:36 AM - 05/26/2006

The topic: How many?


We had a little catnip party on the patio this morning and I shot a couple of pictures of the participants. This is one of them.


How many cats do you count in the picture above (if you click on it, you'll get taken to the full sized version)?

Here's a hint, unless you're polydactyl, there are more than you've got fingers and toes combined.


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