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      Monday, May 15, 2006

10:46 AM - 05/15/2006

The topic: House is cleaned


We’re finally able to get new house insurance.  We had Farmer’s for forever and we had a problem with the agent lying to us.  When we got the property, Brian asked about insuring it.  The agent said no problem, it would be covered under our current homeowner’s insurance.  Then the Pines fire went through and guess what? 

When Brian put in a claim to replace the fencing and fix the trailer, they said ‘nope, you’re not covered’.  They sent a check for $1027, but it wasn’t even close to what Brian put the claim in for.  The insurance company said that they’d cover part of the damage to the trailer, nothing else.  Brian kept calling the agent to find the status of the appeal and it finally got to the point where the agent wouldn’t return his calls or if Brian called and the agent was in the office, when the call was to be transferred to him, he was all of a sudden “with a client”, “in a meeting” or “on the phone”. 

What’s sad is Brian thought they were friends.  Brian helped him out with his cars, work done around the house, and other stuff. Then when push came to shove, the guy wasn’t so interested in being friends any longer. 

Because of the claim, no one else would insure us.  Homeowner’s insurers are funny that way.  There has to be a time period of x amount of years before anyone else would even consider covering us.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, Brian bought a used crane and it had to be registered and insured.  So, he joined AAA knowing he could do register it there.  While he was there, he spoke with an agent, and got quotes for all of the vehicles and the house.  It will be cheaper than we’re paying now and Brian set the wheels in motion. 

The agent just left. He took pictures of the bathrooms, the kitchen and the backyard.  The backyard impressed him.  He said we had a beautiful place.

Anyway, it’s nice to have a clean house.  One less thing hanging over my head.

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08:00 AM - 05/15/2006
I'm listening to DMX smooth jazz

The topic: Stuff Handsome eats


Always on the lookout for something that Handsome might like to eat, something that’s also good for him, we bought cottage cheese at CostCo yesterday. I tried it out on him when we got home, but he had a difficult time negotiating the curds.  So, this morning I blended it up nice and creamy for him.

Here he's getting to the bottom of the bowl

Yep, that's good stuff. Besides having a muzzle covered in creamy cottage cheese, he's also got some on his whiskers above his eyes.

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