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      Wednesday, May 10, 2006

08:03 AM - 05/10/2006

The topic: The economy


I don’t often get political here. I’m not a ranter or a raver when it comes to politics, I’m not foaming at the mouth with disgust for our current reigning political party, although I did not vote for that man. 

But I have to say I don’t like the direction he’s taken the country. I don’t like the shoving of the far right Christian values down the throats of the American people.  What happened to seperation of Church and State?  I don’t like that he’s gotten the U.S. into an unwinable war.  I do like that Saddam is no longer in power, but I feel like G.W. was duped himself and turned around and duped the Americans.  I think he’s a sponge just soaking up the bad advice he gets from his advisors.  I don’t feel he’s a bad man, I feel he’s an easily led man. I don’t think he’s very smart at all.

I don’t like that the oil companies are getting away with what they’re getting away with. California has hit four bucks a gallon for gasoline.  We have refineries up the road a couple of hundred miles. Iowa has gas prices under two dollars and fifty cents and gas has to be transported to Iowa, which is most definitely more than a couple of hundred miles from the nearest refinery.  I saw on one local station yesterday that in January, the refineries were getting a profit of forty cents a gallon.  In May, it’s a dollar.  That’s profit.  Multiply that by the millions of gallons sold.  Who’s getting screwed?

Having an oilman in charge of the country is like having the fox guard the henhouse. Brian said before G.W. was president, he read an article in a market newspaper.  It said that by the end of G.W.‘w term, gas prices would be nearing the three dollar mark.  They would raise unchecked because he is who he is and his buddies are who they are. 

And you know who’s to blame for this entire mess?  The non voters.  The people who were too lazy or apathetic to get out there and put out the vote.  The people could have stopped this before it began but they didn’t care enough to take a stand.  The people who didn’t think one vote would matter. Well, you get millions of people thinking the same thing and before you know it, the fanatics have taken over.

If you didn’t vote, the high gas prices, the war in Iraq, the declining economy, they’re all your fault because you let it happen.

I always vote.  It’s my duty as an American citizen to vote.  And if you’re an American citizen, it’s your duty, too.  Do your job.  If you aren’t registered to vote, do it today.  If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain.  So register.  Vote.  Make a difference.

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07:54 AM - 05/10/2006

The topic: Handsome


I think he’s doing better.  A couple of days ago I realized that he does better lapping than eating (unless it’s human food, then, amazingly, he can eat just about anything). So, I started blending A/D.  I didn’t add any water or anything, but I just blended it to baby food consistency. 

The first time, I fed it to him with a spoon.  If you watch the cameras during the day, you may have seen my wide backside to the camera on the patio.  I was spoon feeding him.  He ate almost an entire can at one time.

This morning, I heated up the leftover from yesterday, set the bowl on the counter, set Handsome on the counter and he finished that.  Something else he really likes is goat’s milk.  Since my vet advises people bottle feeding kittens to use goat’s milk, I figured it wouldn’t hurt Handsome. I gave him a sample last week and he loved it.  So, he’s also been getting goat’s milk a couple of times a day.

Instead of shoving pills down his throat, I started putting terramycin ointment in his eyes.  It’s an antibiotic and one of my friends in rescue says that she’ll do this as a last resort for a cat who can’t be pilled.  Today is the third day of this.

He’s not drooling as much and he seems more comfortable.  I do try to keep him covered when he’s sleeping because he has no body fat and his fur is really thin.  I was checking on him just a little bit ago, all wrapped up like a burrito inside a thin fleece blanket and he had turned around from when I first put it over him and I started petting him through it and he started to purr up a storm. 

He’s warm, has a full tummy and he knows he’s loved. 

I think he’s feeling a little better.

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