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      Monday, May 08, 2006

08:30 AM - 05/08/2006
We found a shiny penny on our walk this morning

The topic: Slowly, it happens


Things get back to normal. 

The computer that was in the box is the computer I was supposed to have gotten.  It is intact.  The websites that list this computer are incorrect.  I was shown the computer that did have the parallel port by a snotty know it all kid.  Well, that may be, sonny boy, but this old cow knows how to read and the website was wrong. 

I didn’t want the upgraded computer, it had a Pentium processor and I figured I’d rather have the Athlon X2. But what I did do was to buy an adaptor cable for the printer.  Parallel to USB,  which will actually more practical since the computer and the printer aren’t really close together, and I do have a USB hub by the printers.  I’ll just connect it to that.

And what I am going to do is to send a letter to Circuit City and explain the problems I’ve had and ask that they reimburse me for the parallel adaptor, since their website was wrong.  I’m also going to mention the $100.00 rebate is not a $100.00, but only $90.00 when they’re totaled.  There’s a fifty dollar rebate from Hewlett Packard and a forty dollar rebate from Circuit City.  This is ten bucks short of the one hundred they advertise.  Of course, I printed out all of the web pages that I’ll also be sending copies of.  I’ll also throw in a few words about that employee.  I so wanted to kick in him the shins.  I’m old, not senile.  Oh, yes and gas money.  I will mention the cost of driving to the store.  We took two trips, I don’t count the first one, but the second one, I do.  That was about forty miles.  We get 18 mph, gas is $3.79 a gallon.  I figure twelve dollars oughta cover that.  Hey, it doesn’t hurt to try.  All it’s gonna cost me is a 39 cent stamp and some paper.

I spent Friday night and Saturday installing problems and I found something interesting.  This brand spanking new computer had the same problem with reading the external drives after I had installed Roxio’s Media Creator.  The reason I gave up on the old one.  I uninstalled the program and everything was back to normal. *scream*  Looks like I didn’t need the new system after all.  But everything’s installed, I’ll keep it.  And I’ll keep the old Dell, too, since I now realize there was nothing wrong with it.  *sigh*

Saturday, I reinstalled my graphic program and the filters with it.  Some of them no longer worked, so I took a couple of hours and removed them. Then yesterday I looked through my old bookmarks and went to one page that mentioned needing a seperate dll file to get the plugins to work with software other than Adobe (I use Paint Shop Pro).  There was a link to it, I downloaded it and installed it and all the plugins were working again, so I reinstalled all the plugins I’d removed the day before.  This is just so much fun.  Good thing I don’t have a life, eh?

And of course, since the new system had the new Java, I had to delete it and install the old Java so I could see the live cameras.  But I didn’t uninstall the update software, so it kept reverting to the old stuff.  Now, I can see them.  But I couldn’t see the live portion of the occasional cam and I spent hours tweaking my firewalls, but I was not successful. This morning it finally hit me, I needed to check the IP number in the push page, to make sure it was the right one. It wasn’t.  I changed it and now the live occasional cam is working splendidly.

And I think I’m about done.  Which will free up much needed time for laundry and cleaning again.  It will be nice to be all the way back to normal.

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