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      Wednesday, April 19, 2006

08:50 AM - 04/19/2006
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The topic: To protect and serve



Brian wanted to do some photo editing last night, so I figured “teach a man to fish…”

I sat here playing the game Gold Fever (my second time playing it and I’m doing much better this go round, now that I know what I’m supposed to be doing) and pausing it to give him instruction. It always amazes me that this man, who is so intelligent and has exhibited logical thinking on many occasions, has such a hard time with computer programs.

Anyway, photos were finally printing after 10:30 last night and anyone who knows us, knows that we’re usually fast asleep at this time.  When the photos were finished printing, over an hour later, we closed down the computers, went into the family room, turned off the tv, got a final drink of water, then off to bed.  I glanced out the rain glass on the front door, just checking to see if maybe KittyMeeze was there and imagine my surprise to see a human walking in front of the wrought iron gate that opens to our outside entry way (it sounds way fancier than it is). 

Stupidly, I throw open the front door.  Good thing it was a cop.  I don’t know what he expected to find behind the bushes in front of our house, which leads one to later speculate.  Later speculation can be fun, but sometimes it’s not a good thing.  *lol*

Anyway, Brian followed me out and we were told that there had been reports of a loud party, that you could hear from about a half mile away.  He told us where they could hear it and we told them we hadn’t heard anything.  They thought maybe it was our house because of the lights out front.  hahahaha.  The entry light is a blue flood light (shines into the front hallway in the house, white light would be way too bright) and the motion sensor light is green.  Since it hits our bedroom when it comes on (which can happen when a critter jumps on one of the vehicles), once again, white would be too bright.

And like I told Brian, look at all of the vehicles in the driveway.  Two Mustangs, two Broncos, the Ranger and one Escape.  Looks like party central. 

We listened from the bedroom as they took their leave and we counted cars.  There were three and one was a K9 unit.  I guess they were expecting a pretty rocking party.  Since they sat there for a few minutes, Brian wondered aloud if they thought we’d told everyone to be quiet until they left.

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