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      Sunday, April 09, 2006

08:56 AM - 04/09/2006

The topic: Stuff Handsome eats


My defrosting dinner, damnit!

Thursday, I took some frozen hamburger out and put it in a sink full of hot water to defrost.  I had to add water every once in a while, but before long, the meat was getting to the point I could put it in the frig.  I was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper and I happened to look over to the counter.  A strange noise had caught my attention. 

Chandler was on the counter, his back to me and he was looking down onto the kitchen floor.  The noise was an odd crinkling noise and I got up to investigate. 

And what I found was Handsome working on the bag that had been in the water.  He’d somehow braved the water and retrieved the bag.  But he just couldn’t do the ziplock, so he was pulling it apart with what remains of his teeth.  I chased him, trying to get it away from him and realized I really needed a picture of this.

After I took this picture, I took the baggie away from him, put it in another bag and sealed it and threw it away.

Yeah, I could have been nice and let him have some, but you don’t get rewarded for stealing what was to be our evening meal.

He’s such a goofball.


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08:19 AM - 04/09/2006

The topic: Projects


Now that I’m sleeping better, which leads to feeling better,  I’m going to get back to work on some of the projects I’ve started.

Of course, there are the income tax forms.  We’ve got the money to pay them now, so I’ll have get printed out today and in the mail tomorrow. That will be a load off.

And I’ve got the DVD from the Disneyland trip last year to make.  I’d like to have that done by the end of this week.  Enough procrastination.

And this week, I’ll finally go live with my little personal auction site.  It’s kinda sorta like eBay, except for the checkout.  The winner will get an email from me with instruction on how to pay.   That will make it more work, but unless it’s a lot more work, I won’t worry about it too much.

I’ve got lots of stuff that I plan on selling.  I’ve got some funny figurines, I’ve got a huge “crazy cat lover” mug, some cat shirts,  cat/small dog baths, cookbooks, an electric cat bed (they don’t have them anymore where I got mine), a cat carrier on wheels,  teeshirts, notecards, Benny’s Finest Kind catnip (there’s some still left, even though it’s not up at the store) and jewelry I’m making.

I would have already started, but I showed the necklaces I’d made on a forum and was asked if there were earrings to go with.  No, I hadn’t even thought of that, but I did think on it and I’m going to try my hand at earrings.  I ordered the parts and I’ll start putting some together today.

Then, I’ll get the auctions up and running.

Here are the necklaces I’ve made so far (the dime is there to give an idea of the size of the beads).  I’m using mostly sterling silver at this point, with lots of Swarovski crystal beads.  Of course, there will be more description on the individual auction pages.


I've got two more laid out, waiting to be strung. I'm pretty excited about this. I hope they sell.

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08:17 AM - 04/09/2006

The topic: Catcam


Look who’s back!

Lisa is back on the catcam chair.  Ciara is almost back to her old self,  and doesn’t want the warmth and comfort of the catcam chair (besides that it’s probably the lowest sweet spot for a kitty cat, much less jumping and climbing to get into it).

Imagine my surprise to see our own Miss Lisa Violet curled up in it this morning.

And Ciara is on the bed right now.

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