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      Friday, April 07, 2006

02:40 PM - 04/07/2006

The topic: Sleep


Yanno, knowing that Ciara isn’t dying of cancer and that she doesn’t have any broken bones, sure helped my stress level.

I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in months, not without the aid of Excedrin PM, which leaves me feeling a little logey in the morning.  Well, I had a great night’s sleep last night.  Only got up once, my regular toilet trip.  I slept soundly the rest of the night.

It would have been great, but I did something to my knee and it’s pretty painful.  *sigh*  I just know one of these days I’ll feel human all the way again.  I just know it.

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02:27 PM - 04/07/2006

The topic: Coolamundo for October!


I found out a couple of days ago that they’ve got Mickey’s Halloween Treat going again.  It’s a fun little thing, Brian and I went in the past, then quit going because of time restraints,  then they quit having it.

Well, I guess last year, they tried it again at Disney’s California Adventure.  From what I read, it wasn’t a big thing, more of a testing the waters.  Well, they’re having it again this year and one of the nights we’ll be up there for my birthday.  Brian and I talked about it last night and thought it might be kind of fun to go.  But it costs extra to get in.  What they do is shut down the park, get everybody to leave, do the decorations, then let people who bought tickets in for the night. And it’s the only time that adults can wear costumes to a Disneyland park.  (You can’t leave and go over to Disneyland in costume.)

So, because we thought it would be a different experience for us all, Brian said we could spring for everyone’s tickets.  See, right now, they’re only $19.00 for passholders, when purchased in advance.  And there are a limited number of tickets available, which is nice. 

First I had to make sure I wasn’t alone on the idea of this being fun.  *lol*  I made a bunch of phone calls this morning and found out I wasn’t.  All of the others I spoke with thought it sounded like a great idea.  Then I had to get the tickets.  I made a preliminary list of who might becoming and came up with about twenty plus people.  Problem.  You can only get eight tickets per passport.  I got eight on mine, signed Brian up for the passholder website, purchased eight with his passport. That gave us sixteen.  Then my Anaheim bud, Allyson, said that she would get the other eight. 

If we don’t use them all, we’ll scalp the leftovers in front of the park.  *grin*  (Not really, I think if it becomes obvious that we’ve got more than we need, I’m sure we can find some buyers at one of the Disney forums.) 

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this.  Something new for the group!

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02:23 PM - 04/07/2006

The topic: Some anniversaries this week


One of them sad.  Rusty died on April 2, 2002. 

And then the happy anniversary.  Two years ago on Tuesday, April 4, 2004, Little Bit gave birth to a litter of five kittens under our bedroom window.

We kept Ross and Rachel.  I’ve got some pictures to upload that I took of them this week that I’ll share later.

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02:18 PM - 04/07/2006

The topic: Ciara


She’s doing so much better! 

She was up and around last night after getting some metacam in the late afternoon.  She climbed up on the desk and she wanted to be held, being as squirmy as she usually is!  This morning, she came into the bedroom and family room and only limped a little.

I watched her sleeping in the chair late this morning and her breathing was much, much better.  I was doing the “one Mississippi, two Mississippi” as I watched her sides and it’s really slowed down.   Now, she looks like the other cats when she’s sleeping.  And she’s closing her eyes when she sleeps, not leaving them half open.

I’ve got all of the webcam pictures being saved and when I was going through them (I have the program I view them with being set to go to the next picture every quarter of a second)  it looked like a little movie and she hardly ever looked completely relaxed.

Today, she was relaxed.  Woohoo!

I called the vet to let them know she’s doing good.

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