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      Wednesday, April 05, 2006

11:26 AM - 04/05/2006
The current weather is rainy

The topic: Rainy mornings


It’s been quite a while since we woke up to the sound of rain.  Usually it’s tapered off by the time we get up. 

This mprning, when I opened up the house, I also turned off the heater (so that would have been before 5:20) and I went back to bed.  I didn’t wake up until after 6:30, which is the longest I’d slept in, in years.  We sleep with the windows slightly open to get some fresh air during the night.  This morning, we also got the sound of the wind in the pines and the sound of the rain.  It was really peaceful. 

I asked Brian if he really had to go to work, since it would have been the perfect morning to stay in bed and sleep, then go out to breakfast. 

He agreed, but he had to work.  We got up a little after seven and started our days.

Now, I don’t know what I want to do.  I don’t feel the urge to do anything, really. 

So, what’s new?

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11:21 AM - 04/05/2006

The topic: Going to the vet tomorrow


I got up this morning around three and checked on Ciara. She wasn’t in the catcam chair, Handsome was in it alone.  I checked throughout the house and finally found her on a cat condo in the garage.  When I got up after four to let the cats out (it was raining), I noticed she’d moved condos. When I got up to open up the house, she’d moved to the old comforters I keep on the floor.  In reality, this was the best place for her, no climbing needed.

She’s looking better, her fur isn’t so scraggly, but she’s still got problems, so I called the vet to make an appointment for her tomorrow.  I don’t know if there’s much they’ll be able to do for her, maybe they can give her something for the pain.

I miss her wandering around the house and rolling over for bellyrubs when she sees you coming.

Plus, if the vet looks at her and takes x-rays, at least I’ll know what the problem is and quit worrying about it so much.

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