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      Sunday, April 02, 2006

12:44 PM - 04/02/2006

The topic: Ciara


I think the rest is helping her.  She’s walking a little better, but she’s still sleeping a lot. 

She’s got an appetite when I give her wet food, she doesn’t seem all that interested in dry right now.  I haven’t seen her drinking water at all. 

I put a stool by the chair so climbing down from it isn’t so stressful.  Watching her, I noticed she can get up better than get down.  So, it’s hurting her to jar the front part of her body.  Might it be her back?  or is it just the leg?  I don’t know for sure, but chances are pretty good she’s going to TED (the evil doctor) tomorrow.

I wish I’d been more vocal about this when I took her in a couple of weeks ago.

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12:30 PM - 04/02/2006

The topic: It’s a really nice day


I took a little nap on the loveseat and when I woke up, I brushed my teeth, made the bed and opened up the house.  I figured the fresh air might revive me.  *yawn*  I’m still so tired. 

Looking out of the office window, I watch the leaves on the tree spinning in the breeze and I can hear them rustle over the sounds of the neighborhood mowing lawns.  I love the way they sound.

The gardener finally showed up around three Friday and he’ll be here with crew on the 10th.  I’ve got to keep the cats inside for this. 

The only area we want done is around the pool.  It’s abundantly clear that I’m not going to maintain it.  And neither is Brian.  Well, this gardener does all the work, then will come by once a month to maintain.  On a schedule.  He won’t just drop by when he’s not busy doing something else. 

Brian doesn’t want him planting anything, he just wants the weeds kept down around the pool.  The gardener told Brian “this grass is hard to get rid of” and Brian said he knew.  If it was easy, don’t you think we’d have kept it down ourselves?  Pulling weedy grass is just something we don’t do.  We get hot on it (as previous entries into the journal would attest), but then we just don’t do the followup.

Maybe this year will be a nice pool year, without all of the weeds.  Since we don’t have to worry about them. 

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12:25 PM - 04/02/2006

The topic: Bedmates


Brian is up at the property this weekend and I’ve got the house to myself.  As well as the bed.  ]

I’m one of those people who has to get up during the night to pee.  It’s usually between midnight and one o’clock.  I’ve always done this, I don’t believe medication would fix it.  I think I do it because when I was a child my father would beat me if I wet the bed (I don’t know what else you’d call getting hit in the butt with a belt multiple times).   So, when I feel I’ve got to go during the night, I get up and go.

Anyway, that feeling woke me up this morning and I was on the edge of the bed.  When I got up I looked at the bed and there were four cats lined up along my body and one cat on the other side of the bed.  The cats lined up where from where my shoulder was down to my ankle.  When I got back into bed, I got into Brian’s side.  Ha!  Fooled them!   Slept until five.  Oh, wait, until six.  I guess I “slept in” this morning. 

Then why am I still so tired?  *yawn*

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12:22 PM - 04/02/2006

The topic: Bladder infections


Ciara isn’t the only one. 

Katie has a bladder infection.  She’s been peeing in front of us and the other morning there was a small amount of urine on my foot stool, with a distinctly pinkish tinge.  I’ve been watching her for the past couple of days and she’s got a bladder infection, no question about it.

I started her on amoxicillan.  I hope I can finish the course, because Katie Boogins does not cotton to being held or touched by humans unless it’s her decision. 


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