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      Tuesday, December 20, 2005

06:19 PM - 12/20/2005

The topic: Tired….


I think I figured out why I’ve been tired.  First off, when we got back from the October trip, I was sick.  Then when I went to get my pap smear, my blood pressure was really high.  So, I figure that it’s my brain telling my body to slow down. 

I was seriously considering making an appointment with a doctor so that I could get my blood pressure under control.  I mentioned this to Brian and he said to say something to the chiro at the next appointment.  I forgot, but Brian remembered and the doc took my blood pressure.  And he asked “now, what’s wrong with your blood pressure?” 

It was 135/80.  My pulse was 71.  The 135 could easily be explained by recent physical activity. There was nothing wrong with my b/p.  What a relief that was.  And I did start taking my supplements on a more regular basis which I’m sure is helping. 

And I’m sleeping well.  I actually slept until about 6:20 yesterday morning, well past the time I usually get up.  Now that the heat comes on, I usually get up with it.  Not the past two days.

It’s nice to sleep.

I’ve been baking the past week, getting stuff ready to give out for Christmas.  And once this season is over, I’m pretty sure I’ll be more regular about making blog entries.

So, if I don’t post again in the near future, have a great Christmas and stay safe.

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06:13 PM - 12/20/2005

The topic: The happiest place


We went to Disneyland last weekend, spent the night at the Hilton.  I’m very impressed.

We’re going again tomorrow.  Brian is dropping me off as he has business in the Los Angeles area, so I’ll be there by my “onesie” as Captain Jack would say for about four hours. Then he’ll be joining up.

I took a bunch of video last weekend with my new Sony Handycam.  I got the fireworks, Pirates, and Jungle Cruise in their entirety. I’m very happy with the resolution.  I’ll be taking the cam again tomorrow and get some more ride video.

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06:09 PM - 12/20/2005

The topic: A sad anniversary

We lost Hollywood twelve years ago today. Damn dogs.

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