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      Wednesday, November 16, 2005

10:32 AM - 11/16/2005

The topic: Sucky timing (a rant)


Okay, so I’m restocking the kitchen appliances.  I don’t feel real guilty about doing this because:

  • 1. we’ve got the money

  • 2. my original stuff is fifteen or more years old

  • 3. I won’t have to think about replacing it when we move

Well, I get a new Cuisinart Food Processor over on Amazon.  For $99.99.  Good price, free shipping, that’s cool.  Then I notice they’ve got a rebate.  I check it out.  If you get $150.00 worth of Cuisinart stuff from Amazon, you get a free $40 value mini chopper.  I can handle a free $40 mini chopper.  That’s cool.

So, I order a blade holder and additional blades.  Oops, everything has to be bought from Amazon, not a third party seller.  The additional blades were from a third party seller.  Hmmm… what to do, what to do.  I look at what other Cuisinart stuff they have.

Ah, look, an ice cream maker that doesn’t need ice or salt or anything like that.  $49.95.  Good price.  I’m cool with that.  I order it. 

It gets here.  I cut out all of the UPC symbols from the bottoms of the boxes.  I copy the invoices for my records and fold up the originals to send back with the rebate form.  I fill out the rebate form.

Curious, I look up this $40 value free mini chopper I’m getting.  I look on Amazon. WTF!  Amazon sells this “$40.00 value” mini chopper for $19.99.  List price is $24.99.  So, how did they come up with a “$40.00 value”, is what I’d like to know. (By the way, I just couldn’t resist printing out the mini chopper page from the Amazon website, and highlighting the actual price.  And on the rebate form, I highlighted the “$40.00 value!” and wrote to the side of it “LIARS”.)


So, this morning, I’m dorking around, really should just walk away from this cooking stuff, right?  I mean, I’ve only got so much room.  But I thought “an extra bowl for the ice cream maker would be nice to have”.  Since the bowl has to be frozen before you can make ice cream.  You make one batch, it could be at least a day before you can make another.  I do a search.  Go over to cooking.com.  I see that if you buy a Cuisinart ice cream maker from them (for the same price as the one at Amazon) they’ll throw in a $29.99 value extra bowl!  ARGH!!!  I do a quick search online.  That $29.99 value is indeed a $29.99 value.  NOT a $40.00 value that’s really a $19.99 value.

Timing man.  It’s all in the timing.

I ordered the extra bowl anyway. 

Oh, yeah, and Amazon owes me two mini choppers to get me up to that “$40.00 value!”.


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07:35 AM - 11/16/2005

The topic: Thanksgiving will be at our house


This year, we’ll be eating right here at home.  Brian kind of wanted to see if we might be invited to his mom’s, since my sister-in-law actually called here and carried on a conversation with me last month, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

Three years ago, I think it was, I cooked for myself.  Brian and his mom were visiting his brother and sister-in-law in Colorado.  The next year, Brian and I were in Colorado.  Last year, we ate at Disneyland.

The Colorado dinner was good, but it wasn’t traditional (in other words, it was a healthy meal).  The dinner last year at Disneyland, the Riverbelle Terrace version, was horrible, just awful.  Not even close to traditional.  Well, there was turkey….*lol*

So, this year, I’ll make dinner.  Brian said he thought it was an awful lot of work.  I don’t care, every once in a while I’d like a traditional dinner.  So, this year, I’m going for it.

And I think I’ll invite my mom.  Brian will pick her up and take her home so she doesn’t have to worry about driving home in the dark.

I started working on my grocery list this morning.  I almost forgot to put turkey on it.  smilie_lol

I’m gonna make mashed potatoes and sweet potaytuhs with marshmallows on top.  I’m gonna make pumpkin pies (store bought crusts, though, it’s been a long time since I made a pie and I don’t want to get too frustrated rolling out the dough).  I’m going to use my ice cream maker and make vanilla bean ice cream (I bought a vanilla bean last week, that sucker was over six bucks for one!). I’m going to have creamed peas and green bean casserole.  I’m going to use my breadmaker and make my own dinner rolls.  I’m going to make gravy from the drippings.

I told Brian this morning that I can make a bunch of the stuff early in the day and just keep it warm in crockpots.  I’ve certainly got enough of them.

We’ll use our good china and our good flatware.  I might even buy some decorations.

This is gonna be nice.  Lots of food and lots and lots of leftovers.  Yum. 

Brian said he might just work on his tractor that day.  So he’ll be home.  And I said “yeah, and you’ll get to smell all the cooking smells!”

The cats will be loving it.  They like turkey.  Some of them have never had a homecooked turkey.  Won’t they be pleasantly surprised?


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