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      Tuesday, November 08, 2005

01:13 PM - 11/08/2005

The topic: So, I’m sitting here last week,


picking my nose and Brian calls. 

“Go ahead and order a computer for the shop.”

Okay.  Why now, when you always tell me “no” when I suggest you get one for the shop?  You know, when you call home and want me to research something for you?  (Ever try looking up something for someone else and you don’t know what the hell you’re looking for?  It can be a little annoying.)

I ordered him the cheapest Dell since it’s just going to be for internet.  “Oh, and I need a flat monitor here, I don’t have much room.”  I look at the Dell website.  Upgrade is $110 for the 15 inch, $160 for the 17 inch.  I call him back and ask which one he wants.

Of course, he wants the 17 inch.  Why did I even call?

Then I call SBC, who carries his phone service at the shop.  They’ll ship the modem to the home address, his DSL should be turned on today. 

But there’s no modem here at home.  I call them.  They say we should already have it. We don’t.  I find out they can only ship to the shop.  Excuse me, but there’s usually no one at the shop.  Nobody will be at the shop to accept delivery, it has to be here at home.  “Sorry, we can’t do that, we can only ship to where the service is”.  You can’t ship it to the billing address?  The place you send the invoices that I pay?  Argh. 

I’m finally put through to a different department and end up on a conference call with UPS.  They’ve already tried delivering the modem once, today will be the second try. 

Anyway, the computer got here yesterday.  The modem should be here tomorrow. And this weekend, I’ll get it up and running at the shop, as well as installing Roboform and TrendMicro security.

And I’ll have to show him how to power it up and down.  For those of you who don’t understand these technical terms, that means show him how to turn it off and on.  (I had a hell of a time understanding what a tech wanted me to do once when my router wasn’t working.  He told me to power it down.  I sat here for a few minutes, examining the router case.  So, I asked him to clarify.  He explained meant “pull the plug from the wall”.  Well, why didn’t you just say that in the first place?  Duh.)


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01:01 PM - 11/08/2005

The topic: Lost tooth


I found the owner today.  It wasn’t Handsome at all. 

It was Bart.  His right bottom canine.


I noticed this this morning when I gave him an amoxicillan, which seems to help his funky eye.  His breath doesn’t smell weird (any weirder than cat breath normally smells) and it didn’t seem to bother him.  The tooth itself obviously came from farther down that you can see in this picture, so it’s most likely healing over.


Lovely.  Just lovely.

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12:44 PM - 11/08/2005

The topic: More about the Handsome cat


He’s doing much, much better.  Last week, I called the vet’s office about his problem and made arrangements to get more fluids and some amoxicillan and prednisone refills.

When I went in Tuesday afternoon, armed with a very full heavy bag of fun sized candy bars (M&Ms, Twix, 3 Muskateers, Snickers and Milky Way, it just broke my heart to rid the house of this wonderful candy, but if I kept it here and kept eating it, I’d be in danger of breaking the furniture).  I got everything I’d asked for, as well as a bottle of clindamycin drops. 

Which, within days, it became obvious I should have done this much, much earlier.  His recovery from his latest cold was apparent.  And, although he’s drooling still and he threw up last night (which I’m sure Pepcid will help), he’s feeling better.  He’s sleeping much sounder and longer (more comfortable because he can breathe) and he’s starting to come around for attention. 

And he’s back to begging in the kitchen when we’re in there preparing something to eat.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, there’s Handsome waiting for a crumb to drop.

I’ve taken a few pictures of him over the past week.

This is the foam he’d been puking up for days and days:


I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him finally drinking something.


Early Sunday, when I got up, I did a kittycat headcount.  I was short one kittycat. 

Ah, I found him.


I covered him back up and he slept for hours, all covered and cozy.

I’m so glad he’s doing better and you can bet from now on, if his colds don’t clear up quickly, he’ll be getting his prescription from the vet in a much more timely manner.

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12:03 PM - 11/08/2005

The topic: Ding, dong, the fish is dead!


Fish oh fish oh the icky fish, ding dong the icky fish is dead!  He’s gone where dead fishies go, the trash, the trash,  the trash oh! Ding dong, the fish is dead, the fish oh fish oh the icky fish….

Yep, last Wednesday I saw it going belly up.  Thursday it was dead.  Thursday afternoon, it was removed to the dumpster in front of our garage.  And I added water to the murky tank and put in clean filters and fixed the underwater gravel.  And I let it run. 

Saturday I decided it looked clean enough and I hopped in my little Escape and putt putted my way down to the local Petsmart (don’t much care for the fish departments at the local Petcos) and bought me some new fish.  Ten neon tetras, five white cloud tetras and ten blue finned danios or some such thing.  Got some fish food, some cat toys (hey, it’s not a trip to the pet store without buying something for the fur faces; granted, the fishies were for Sammy, but you just have to get something that all of them might possibly enjoy), signed up for their club and saved ten bucks on the fishies. (Speaking of which, they neglected to charge me for the white clouds and it’s been bugging me ever since I realized this. The receipt has been sitting on my desk and I finally called them up and told them.  I was told that officially, they request that I come back in and pay for what I got.  But unofficially, just figure if any of the fish I didn’t get charged for don’t live, I can’t go in and get a free replacement.  She told me “we won’t miss them”.  *lol*  I told her I was just nervous about Karma getting me back.  She laughed.  I wasn’t being funny, I was being serious, Karma scares the hell out of me. Well, at least I made the call, and I didn’t really expect all twenty-five fish to make it.  They never seem to, anyway. If they do, then I’ll figure Karma isn’t too upset.)

Came home, put the bag with the twenty-five fishies in the water and let it set for about a half hour, then I released them.  The first day they hung out in seperate groups, danios at the top and tetras at the bottom, but now they know it’s safe to use the full tank.

Surprisingly, Sammy isn’t as enthusiastic as I thought he’d be.


Sammy, before I brought in the new fish.  He hasn’t visited the tank since.

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