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      Tuesday, November 01, 2005

11:35 AM - 11/01/2005

The topic: Poor Handsome.


I think he’s doing a little better, but he’s still pretty punky.

I called the vet this morning to find out if there’s anything that can be done.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s no longer a congestion problem, but it’s his throat.  The vet warned me there could be a problem there.  His throat is just really sore.

I think the fluids I gave him yesterday did help.  And I started giving him the l-Lysine again to help boost his immune system.  I got some tablets at CostCo, 500mg each.  I had split them and was giving him a half twice a day, but he just kept spitting them out.  And I can understand why, they’re very rough where they were split. So, this morning I found my bag of bigger gelcaps and crushed one of the halves and put it in the gelcap.  Then I found the pillpopper the vet gave me years ago and grabbed Handsome, put the popper in his mouth, pushed the plunger and the l-Lysine was gone in no time.

I spent the next hour crushing l-Lysine tabs and funneling them into a gelcap.  And I have to remember to use the popper.  On the right side of his mouth, he’s got at least one tooth that’s very ragged and everytime I have to pill him for a while, I end up getting a scrape on my right index finger that gets a little infected.  I’ve got a bump there right now that I have to squeeze. 

He still hasn’t eaten that I know of.  I tested him this morning with my bowl of cereal and he showed some interest.  I went into the pantry and opened a can of goat’s milk and he lapped up a fair amount, so that’s good. And I did see him drinking from the fountain again on the patio.

I also started giving him the homeopath ferrum phos.  That’s always seemed to help the other kitties in the past, especially when they have upset tummies.  Handsome has thrown up a couple of times, but it’s just foam.  From his throat, I guess.  He climbed up onto my lap last night and hacked up a bunch. I had to change clothes. 

Last night he spent the night on Brian’s recliner.  I covered him up with a blanket and he didn’t seem to mind.  He is sleeping a little more, which is good.  I think he’s so uncomfortable because of his throat, that he just can ‘t sleep when he’s having one of these episodes.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully have more ammo in my arsenal later today.

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09:03 AM - 11/01/2005

The topic: First decent night’s sleep in weeks


And then, this morning, at 2:45, some asswipe driving down the street hit something.  Made a lot of noise.

Woke up, heart pounding.  We both jumped out of bed and I threw on my robe, Brian got into his sweatpants and shirt.  I grabbed the flashlight and was out the door ahead of him and he cautioned me to be careful.

We saw nothing around the yard, so walked up to the end of the driveway.  Across the street, one house up, there was trash all over the street.  Someone ran into their trash.  Four or five large plastic trashcans.  They were all pushed at least twenty five feet and there was garbage strewn all over their lawn and the street.

We kind of figured it was some drunk, coming over the hill.  We came back inside and got back into bed.  Brian heard people talking and we looked out the window.  Saw one of the neighbor’s walking back down to his house.

This morning, when Brian was putting the dumpster out, he spoke with this guy.  It would seem that the hitting of the trashcans was a deliberate thing.  While he was out speaking with the woman across the street, a Ranger started down the street, saw them in the middle of it talking, and turned around on a side street.  They saw the truck drive off up the hill, then heard it hit more trash cans somewhere on the other side of the hill.



It took me over an hour to get back to sleep.

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