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      Friday, May 27, 2005

04:23 PM - 05/27/2005

The topic: Gosh darn credit thieves.


I just checked my credit card statement online.  Now, last week I found a bogus charge of $349.00 for regsoft.com.  I order stuff that uses them, but I didn’t order anything for that amount.  I call the company to find out for sure (hey, when you get older, you start to forget stuff).  I guess I ordered a developer tool for VB.  I did?  Nope, I surely didn’t.

So, I got the credit.  Since then I keep checking the new charges. There was one I saw today for $29.95 from ccbill.com.  I go to that site.  They collect payments for entertainment sites.  Read that “porn”.  I didn’t see it last month (I guess that $349.00 kind of caught my attention and I missed this other one).  The guy on the phone called my attention to it.  It’s for a subscription to an Asian porn site.  Okay.  Can you please give me a credit?  “No, you’ve received the service.”  (See the name on it is mine, the address is mine, but the email address is not. It’s close, but it’s not…and I can’t find a website with that name on it.)  So, I told him I’d call my credit card company and put in a dispute on those charges.  He said that’s what I have to do.  So, I did.  And I also cancelled that card.

It’s a Citibank card.  I guess it’s so common now, that there was no problem getting the account closed and new cards for a new account are being overnighted to us (which will get her Monday).  I asked if he wanted the email address the other guy gave me and he said “no, we don’t need it”.

What a pain in the butt.

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02:51 PM - 05/27/2005

The topic: What I love about my cats - a pictorial


(Remember, clicking on a picture will take you to the full sized image.)



I love how they can be so soft and so regal at the same time (Chandler)


I love the way Little Bit thinks I can’t see her when she hides in the grass

I love how Handsome keeps me on my toes; you never know when he’ll be thinking about starting something unpleasant with one of the other cats

I love Wally’s long whiskers

I love Oliver’s big cat face

I love Annie drinking from the tub faucet, perched on the edge of the tub

I love DeeJay sharing my pillow

I love looking out of the bedroom window

I love that I don’t have to buy them toys (Benny and Phoebe)

I love to watch them play with the toys I do buy (Marco)

I love how Benny looks with his summer do

I love the way Ciara lays on my chest when I’m on the computer, and tilts her little head sideways as if to say “Hi, mom!”


What can I say? They’re cats.  Ya gotta love ‘em.  Because they’re cats.

This week’s Carnival of the Cats is being hosted by Ripe Bananasbanana banana banana.  So, if you’d like to see more gorgeous cats in more fun poses, hop on over there and check out some of the other catbloggings.

Want to talk about cats?  Join Benny’s forums...the Cats Door is a private forum, for discussion about cats only.


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01:36 PM - 05/27/2005

The topic: DeeJay


Well, I saw DeeJay peeing blood again earlier this week.  That same night, I saw blood clots on the towel, the same kind Annie has passed.

I started DeeJay on amitripyline yesterday.  There was no bloody urine last night and none so far today.  And he’s resting much more comfortably.  I also started adding some feline digestive enzymes to his food, hoping they’d help him to better process his meals.

He started getting them a couple of days ago and he’s not pooping nearly as much as he had been.  I haven’t found a DeeJay poop on the laundry room floor since yesterday morning.  He’s also put on three ounces since the beginning of the week. 

I hope this all helps him feel better.  It’s nice to see him sleeping well.

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01:30 PM - 05/27/2005

The topic: Found out a couple of days ago


That a car was stolen from a house down at the corner a week or so ago.  They found it on a street a little ways from here.  It cost the owners $400.00 to get it back from impound because it took four days to process the paperwork.

Boy, am I glad we started locking the gates.

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