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      Wednesday, May 25, 2005

10:22 AM - 05/25/2005

The topic: Ponderance


Okay, so most of you who have been reading this journal since I started it back in 1997, know how very much I hated those so called “monthlies”.  (So called because they were here every 21-25 days, not a month by anyone’s standards.)  I celebrated when Aunt Flo quit stopping by (last visit, March 2003).  Earlier this year, I finally got rid of all of the products.

Now, I know with menopause come changes.  My beautiful silvery hair (yay! no more streaking!), less body hair, slower metabolism (boo!), just to name a few. 

But one change has me curious and I’ve never heard this addressed before.  I’ve asked, but no one could answer.  Maybe someone reading this will know.

All of my life, I’ve had straight hair.  Unless I’ve set it or have a perm, it’s straight.  Well, there’s been a new development.



Curly hair.  Where is it coming from?  Can I expect that all of my new hair is going to be curly?  I just think this is really strange.  So, if I’m finally getting something I’ve wanted all of my life, does this mean maybe my metabolism will change, too?  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

By the way, the shirt I’m wearing in this picture is the Annie tee from my store, lisaviolet designs.

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06:52 AM - 05/25/2005

The topic: The next three hours oughta be fun.


I pulled up all of the food last night because Benny is going in for his yearly “do” this morning.  And since he’s a squirmer, he might have a little anesthesia.  So, he wasn’t allowed to eat after midnight.  And when one can’t eat then no cats can.  It’s easier to pull up the food than to isolate the cat.

This morning when I opened KittyMeeze’s can of Fancy Feast, Benny was in the garage with me, along with some other cats.  He must be hungry because he rarely does this.  For some reason, Oliver went after Benny.  Then I yelled, Oliver ran out and Handsome came in, giving Benny the eye (remember, Handsome hates Benny and goes after him every chance he gets).  I hit Handsome with the spoon.  Not hard, but enough to get his attention.  He backed off. 

When Oliver went after Benny, some cat went sliding across the garage floor and into the Drinkwell fountain, spilling water all over the floor.

And it’s not even six am yet.

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