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      Tuesday, May 17, 2005

09:46 PM - 05/17/2005

The topic: More about the new look


I just thought I’d mention a few of the changes.  Between days, there’s a bar stretching across with the words “newday” on it.  For different posts within the day, it says “newpost”.  On the entries made before I started using greymatter software, there’s only a bar saying “newday”, but I usually only posted once a day, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

I also added an easy access “donate” button at the bottom.  Just in case anybody wants to send a little of their hard earned money to the cathouse.

Oh, and about that picture at the bottom of each page, that’s really me.  It was taken last year at Disneyland.  That’s a candy necklace on my neck (left it all blue, too).  My mouth looks funny because I’ve got my betty bob teeth in.  I was trying really hard not to bust out laughing because I was having such a good time.

I really like this picture.  My husband does not.  I said last night that I figure I’d use a picture that doesn’t look a whole lot like me.  He gave me a look that said “oh, yeah?” 

I still like it.


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08:03 PM - 05/17/2005

The topic: the best flea


is a dead flea.  So far, I’ve gotten twenty-nine of the cats dosed with Advantage.  There will be some that most likely won’t get any.  Autumn, Little Bit are two I won’t try with.  I might be able to sneak a little onto Red.  I snuck some onto Lonee this morning and you’d think I’d stepped on her tail.  She went running off, all in a huff and when she stopped, that weird feeling on the back of her head/neck area was still there, so she’d run a little more.  She finally ended up under a bookcase.  But she really needed to be dosed, her lower back is just covered in scabs.

I probably won’t be able to get Jackson either.  Unless he’s in a sound sleep facing away from me in one of the cat beds.  I’ll keep watch and if I see him like that, I’ll get him.  Pete is usually hard to do, too.  Joey still needs to be done as does Rachel.  But one of the nice things about this Advantage, you get most of the cats, all of the fleas eventually die, because they don’t just stay on one cat, they cat hop. 

I used the flea comb on a couple of the cats yesterday morning and I ran it down Marco’s back.  Oh, lord, what a mess. Obviously, he’s so fat he can’t reach back there to clean and the comb came away filled with flea dirt.  Nasty stuff.  But no fleas, so the stuff is doing it’s job.

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03:36 PM - 05/17/2005

The topic: Kitty Karma


This morning on our walk, I saw a kitten (dead) in the gutter.  It was a long haired tortie. I cried for this little kitten and wondered how on earth it got to where it was.

Give your kitties a big smooch and maybe a little treat the next time you see them.  Tell them that you love them and that you’ll always do your best to do right by them.

And never put them in harm’s way.


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02:56 PM - 05/17/2005

The topic: Leftover flea news


Sammy has tapeworms!  Blech. crazy  And so does someother kitty, which those dried tapes on the bed tell me.

Nasty things.  Good thing I bought some tape stuff online last year.  It’s good until 2006.

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