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      Sunday, May 15, 2005

07:20 PM - 05/15/2005

The topic: I think I’m finished tweaking


this blog.  There are a couple of things that I’d like to have different.  I’ve been working on it since this morning and it will be good to declare it done.

Brian still isn’t home.  I had leftover pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner.  Last night I had leftover spaghetti and he had a weiner sandwich. It smelled good, but last night I wasn’t speaking to him. That irritation of not having him help down by the pool, doncha know.

I was just checking the tomato plant we got last weekend and I sure hope it gets some fruit.  The biggest flower dropped off into my hand, which isn’t a good sign.  I also picked up a green pepper plant since green peppers are so expensive and I don’t usually use all that I buy on sale.  I know I could freeze them, but I never get around to it.  I’m bad about that kind of stuff.

Oops, sun’s going behind the hill, time to start getting the cats in for the night.  Have a good one!


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07:02 PM - 05/15/2005

The topic: Advantage, what fun!


So, I get out the Advantage because of poor Sammy’s neck.  I only have one full tube and a part of another.  I need more.

I called the animal hospital where I took Annie earlier this year and they’d sell me some.  I went down there, got the stuff and holy crap, it cost over a hundred bucks!  My normal vet charges less than $70.00 for a six pack of large dog stuff.  I’ll keep this in mind for the future.  nono5

Anyway, I’ve gotten seventeen cats done this afternoon.  It’s such a mess, but the cats sure feel better after they get over the initial shock. Stuff is sure icky.

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12:38 PM - 05/15/2005

The topic: Sunday morning….


Well, I was a little put out with hubby yesterday.  He spent the entire day helping his brother.  I knew he’d be gone today, he just has to go play with his tractor. Not that I blame him, I mean if I spent over forty thousand dollars on something, I’d sure as hell want to play with it every chance I got.

But when I’m down by the pool pulling weeds and grass, I get more than a little put out because all that landscaping (I use the word lightly) down there was his idea.  He wanted it to look exotic, not have the usual cement area around the water.  But the landscaping takes maintenance and since he bought that property up in Ranchita, well, stuff around here just isn’t getting done like it used to.

And then there are the little piddling things around the house that need to be done, but he just can’t seem to find the time. I find myself more and more leaning towards nagging, which I never wanted to do. The lawn looks worse than it ever has, lots of weeds, and badly in need of fertilizing.  The little twinkling lights he put around the patio years ago quit twinkling well over a year ago and last night went out altogether.  The screens in the dining room and family room have needed to be replaced for years. The ceiling fan in the bedroom makes a gawdawful sound when on high speed.  It needs to be replaced. Then there’s the house remodel that just stopped.  The living room and office both have cement floors.  The living room needs to be repainted, the floors need to be tiled and the speaker wire needs to be run in the attic (previous owners had run wire under the carpeting to the living room and dining room, but that was all pulled up with the carpet).  The office will be a nightmare because of all the computer stuff, so I’m not really gung ho on getting that done real soon (catcams will be offline for the duration), but I know it will be very nice when it’s finished.  But all of this stuff is just building up, it seems like each month there’s something else that needs to be done.

He’s got a tractor out in his shop he needs to get working on and put back together, and get it back up to the property.  He really, really needs to straighten out that shop.  He can’t find things because it’s so disorganized, that makes him frustrated, and then he gets annoyed.  So much time wasted looking. Oh, well, someday…

At least he did get the lawns (weeds) mowed when he got home last night and he did weed and feed the yard, since there was still enough light to get something done around here.

We went to breakfast this morning, which was nice.  Since Izzy’s isn’t open until next week, we went out to the little restaurant in Descanso.  It’s a nice little place, but don’t get the hash browns, they’re terrible.  They’re very dry and tasteless.  They do have other sides, like tomato slices or cottage cheese.  Next time, maybe we’ll remember that.  :smilie_lol:

On the way home we stopped into Wal-Mart.  A few years ago we got these really neat swim floats at CostCo.  They’re oblong, have an air tube around the outside, a blow up pillow and the middle is a strong mesh material.  So, when you float in the pool, your body is actually in the water, keeping cool. The ones at CostCo weren’t the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, but the price was right (about thirty dollars, I think).  Well, they got nasty over the years and Brian threw one out last year and left the other one by the pool.  The ring on the outside leaks, so I started looking online for replacements.  I found some summery ones available at Wal-Mart’s online store.  I like these, they’re much brighter.  They’re all nice, but I wish there was a choice.  We went to the store hoping to find them in stock, but alas, they’re not.  So, I ordered a couple this morning.  I’m partial to the white one with the palm tree, but I like them all.  I’m curious which one(s) I’ll get.

Oh, geez, look at the time!  I should go do some of the other stuff that needs doing, like dosing the cats with Advantage, always a day long job, measuring it out and finding a cat who needs it. Poor Sammy’s neck is a circle of scabs.  cwm36  I didn’t realize the fleas had gotten that bad.

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