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      Wednesday, May 11, 2005

09:46 PM - 05/11/2005

The topic: Ponderance


Why is it, when you have a cat who just drank a huge amount of water, that they find the most inappropriate place to bring it back up?

Why can’t they just puke on the vinyl floor?  Why does it have to be on the counter, where it gets over and under everything there?

This seems to happen quite often here.  More so now that there’s a decent amount of shedding and fur ingestion going on.  (What goes down, must come up - in the world of cats.)

Bleh. razz

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07:00 PM - 05/11/2005

The topic: Fish


How do you get rid of a fish that you hate?  I’ve got a plecostomous in my tank that ate most of my little fish.  I want that plecosto gone, but I can’t bring myself to just pull it out of the tank and let it die.

I thought about putting it in a container and leaving it in front of a petstore or a grocery store with a sign “Plecostomous, free to good home”.

I don’t want to put an ad in the paper and have people come to my house.  I want this damned fish to be someone else’s problem.  I want to be rid of it.

So, how do I get rid of it and not get saddled with a bunch of guilt? :(

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06:45 PM - 05/11/2005

The topic: Jury duty


This isn’t about my cats, but sitting in the jury lounge for hours and hours and hours, some people start talking to other people.  I’m one of the gabby ones.

One of the women was talking about her cat.  She told a tale of a sick kitty.  Now, the cat didn’t act sick, mind you, but the cat’s poop was not normal and the cat was doing weird things to her food.  This woman was very concerned about her cat’s health and she took it to the vet repeatedly, trying to find out what was wrong with her much beloved cat.  She spent over $350.00 in tests and they could find nothing wrong.

One night, she was watching television, when she saw what looked to be a large rat tail. But it wasn’t.  It was a possum.  A possum had taken up residence in her home and she had no idea.  She screamed, jumped up onto her sofa. She said she spent the next four hours jumping from one piece of furniture to the next, trying to find some way to get that possum out of her house. 

She called animal control, she called some other people and everybody said they couldn’t do anything, she’d have to get it out by herself.  She opened the door and tried to shoo it out and her cat left, but the possum stayed.  She finally was able to get it out, got her cat back in and all was back to normal.

Her cat was fine, what she was seeing was the mess the possum was leaving.

I thought that was really funny.

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06:00 PM - 05/11/2005

The topic: Update on My Ranger


Welp, I called the sheriff’s office, left a message with dispatch.  Shortly after, a deputy returned my call and said they couldn’t do anything with the box cutter, kind of laughed and said something about “unlike what they show in CSI, fingerprints really aren’t all that easy to get….”

He told me we could go ahead and throw out the box cutter.

So, that episode of our lives is over now.  rolls eyes

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