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      Tuesday, May 10, 2005

09:30 PM - 05/10/2005

The topic: Forums


Remember my mentioning complaining about dog related posts on a cat related board?  Well, during my diatribe on said board, someone else spoke up with the same sentiments.  Someone trolled her.  I called on the admin to please remove the troll’s post. Admin said she couldn’t.  Because admin was the one who instigated the troll. That’s just wrong. I didn’t publicly broadcast what I knew, but did tell a few people privately that I wouldn’t be going to that forum for a while.  I needed to take a break from it. It really bothered me that the admin wasn’t adminining fairly.  And it’s not like she pays for the board, the members donate to keep it running (it’s a boardhost board).

Shortly after that, she posted on another public forum that she was frustrated at her lack of responses to resumes sent to companies who had posted help wanted ads on Craigslist.  Now, I’m not really familiar with Craigslist, but from what I’ve seen there, I’m not overly impressed. It’s not someplace you’d find me hanging out, that’s for sure.  So, she posted her own help wanted ad.  Just to see what the competition was like.  People responded.  She actually wondered if it would be alright for her to send these poor guys critiques of their resumes!  Can we say “nervy”?

So, disgusted, I took the main cat related forum at Benny’s private.  And she no longer has access.  I can’t begin to describe how icky this all made me feel.  What’s kind of funny is that she’s come over to Benny’s more times in the past three weeks than she’s been there the past two plus years (registered users can see who’s been there).  Shortly after that, she did post on Benny’s and openly admitted what she’d done.  She also made a couple of snarky comments about me, which only added to my resolve. I must admit, I was quite proud that people kept their opinions to themselves. It didn’t descend into a free-for-all, but I’m also sure that was because it was posted on a registered board. Cowards seem to find loads of courage to speak up when nobody knows who they are.  Me, I believe you should own your words.  If I feel something strongly enough to post about it, I’ll use my name. It wasn’t always like that.  When I first came onto the internet I did my fair share of anonymous nasty posts. And I regretted it.  And I haven’t done it since.

I haven’t posted at the forum she maintains since April 19th.  And if anybody has noticed, nobody’s said anything.  Oh, well.  Like I always said, if you want to leave a forum, just leave, don’t make an issue of it.  And if anybody cares, someone will bring it up.  I guess nobody cared.  That’s okay, I’ve still got Benny’s.  Not that it’s all that busy, but I guess I’ve always got housework to keep me occupied. 

For the record, there are more forums at Benny’s than just pet related.  I’ve got forums for jokes, Cranky Old Women (must be at least fifty to join), Modern Mothers, Whining Whippersnappers, Disneyland, just for starters.  If anyone is interested, feel free to register.  Just let me know which forums you’d like to access.

Sometimes it’s lonely to have principles.

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06:28 PM - 05/10/2005

The topic: Jury duty


Well, I dodged the jury bullet, once again.  I was there at eight yesterday morning.  There was an informative presentation by one of the judges and a little later, we got to watch a little movie.  Years ago, here in California, you had to serve for two weeks.  If you were chosen for a jury and it was over before the two weeks, you had to keep going.  If you didn’t get chosen for a jury, you still had to go and wait in the jury room for the duration.  Just in case.  Then it went to just a week and you only had to go down one day and you could call in the rest of the days, to see if you’d be needed.

Then someone in the California government got called for jury duty.  And he was called for three trials and wasn’t selected for any of them.  He was selected for trial number four.  A few months after his service, jury duty changed quite a bit.  Now, it’s one day or one trial.  The last time I went, my name wasn’t called and I was able to go home in the early afternoon.

There were three trials that needed to seat juries on this day.  The computer generates the list from the people who have checked in, then they call the names in alphabetical order.  I waited until they passed the esses and let my breath out.  Only two more to go.  A half hour later, I wasn’t so lucky.  My name was called.  I could go to lunch and be back in the jury lounge by 1:30. 

I left and called my mom, since I hadn’t called her earlier.  Then I called Brian, who was up in the Los Angeles area.  It was raining up there.  It was a beautiful day down here.  I called my friend Allyson, but she was swamped at work.  I walked down Main Street in El Cajon and had lunch at Por Favor restaurant.  I had a Mexican salad. Beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, guacamole and sour cream in a flour tortilla bowl.  It was good, but it was a gut bomb. My stomach was still upset this afternoon.

I walked back to the courthouse and tried reading my book, but couldn’t really get into it.  One of the trials was a murder trial and I hoped that’s not the one I was chosen for.  It made the news here for months, it was the man who owned the local El Cajon Speedway, which had been around for years and years. A couple of drug addlepated thugs shot him point blank range when he answered the door (they didn’t think anyone would be home and they were after all that money that he supposedly kept in a safe).

At 1:30 all the chose jurors were back in the lounge.  We waited and we waited.  About every half hour, there was an update on the status. And it was always the same.  They needed jurors, but they weren’t ready yet.  Finally, at three, we were told that it was getting late and the various trials would wait until tomorrow to choose from a “fresh” batch of jurors.  We were thanked for our service and let go.  It should be at least two years before I’m called again.  It’s been four and a half since the last time, let’s hope I can make it that long again.

I’ve got more to enter, but I’ve got some pictures I want to put up in the family album before I go on and I spent the majority of today catching up on housework and laundry. I didn’t do very much last week and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly it all backs up.  And right now, I’m getting dinner ready. So, stay tuned for more excitement!  *lol*

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