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      Friday, March 25, 2005

02:03 PM - 03/25/2005

The topic: More on Handsome…


Friday, March 25, 2005  What can I say about Handsome?  Well, he’s sick.  He seems to have gotten worse since he moved in.  It reminds me of what Little Bit went through.  So, this morning I hooked up the humidifier and warm, moist air was going into the crate.  He did eat more after the thing had been running for over an hour, more than he’d eaten since yesterday morning, so that’s good. He’s so darn stuffy. I finally figured out the best thing to do with him is to keep him crated for a while.  Aside from his cold, he’s just stuck in that Robert DeNiro in “Taxi Driver” thing with ALL of the cats. 


“What happened to our grass?  Our tall, lovely grass that we would run and jump and hide in?”

The weather has let up enough that the cats are going back outside.  It helps that the landscapers haven’t been around this week.  And since Handsome is back to being crated, they can come and go at will.  They’re a lot more relaxed. 

I caught Daniece in the lime tree earlier this week.  I don’t know what she was after, but she was having fun.



Before I realized that Handsome would best be seperated from the other cats until he calmed down and realizes that not all cats who wanted to sniff him also want to kick the snot out of him I let him out during the day.  I snapped some shots during the few times he was allowed outside (until he attacked one of the other cats).



It amazes me how very relaxed he looks one minute, then the next he’s up and after another cat, when the other cat has done nothing.  I was really upset when he went after Potter.  Then when he attacked Opie the next morning when I’d let him out of the crate while I cleaned his litter, it was the last straw. He was still on a fight high when I tried to get him and he hissed and lashed out at me.  Not a good thing.  He needs to learn some manners, which will most likely come after he learns how to relax.



Handsome, Potter and Daniece

Once again, things can look so calm.  There’s Potter, not that far from Handsome and there’s not a problem.  Handsome needs a lot of work.  A lot.

Little Bit is making great strides.  I’m so pleased with her.  She rarely runs and hides now when one of us walks by her when she’s eating. And when she’s outside enjoying herself, she doesn’t dash inside when I walk around the yard checking things out. She’s becoming a lot more relaxed and at ease around us humans.  And she’s not quite so feisty with the other cats.  Instead of hissing at the food bowl, she’ll sit quietly and wait for whoever is there eating to finish and walk away.



Little Bit



Crated Handsome

Handsome isn’t pleased with being crated.  But he’s starting to accept there’s not a whole lot he can do about it.  He is sleeping a lot better, he seems more relaxed.  When he’s crated, he can’t fight.  And he doesn’t have to posture.  The cats can sniff him through the grate and he can sniff right back.  Nobody walks up to the crate and hisses and growls at him.  They hardly notice him at all and with any luck this will inventually sink in. That there’s no other cat here who’s a threat to him. 

His urine is still pretty strong.  A friend made a good point, that maybe he’s one of those cats who’s testicles never descended.  So, he’d feel to me like he was neutered, when in fact he’s intact.  That would explain a lot of the aggression and the strong urine smell.  If the smell doesn’t get better in a couple of months, rest assured he’ll be taken to the vet to find out for sure. 

But Jackie isn’t neutered and his urine is nowhere near this strong.  So, I just don’t know what to think.

DeeJay is hanging in there.  Annie is driving me nuts with wanting water at the tub.  And Mickey jumps in the tub and makes a big mess in there.  Well, he’s having fun, I shouldn’t complain.

Oh, the other day I was checking my stats and saw that I was still getting hundreds of hits a day to Ciara’s page.  I would assume it’s by people who are looking for information on Ciara the hip-hop artist.  So, I finally took advantage of the traffic and did a redirect from that page to the catcam page.  And I changed the name of Ciara’s page here and changed my site links to it.  Heh. And I did a ‘no index’ meta tag, so hopefully, the followers of the hip-hop artist will leave my site.  I was going to send them somewhere offsite but realized I had a gold mine here.  *grin*

Well, that’s it for now.  Keep your fingers crossed that Handsome starts feeling better.  I hate the way he sounds right now.

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