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      Sunday, March 06, 2005

05:55 PM - 03/06/2005

The topic: Allergies.  Gotta love ‘em.


Sunday, March 6, 2005  Well, after a week of waking up with a headache (no, not Brian) and being extremely tired throughout the day, I finally realized what it is.  It’s the same thing that hits me every year at this time.  Yes, I believe I’m a victim to what the marketing folks on Madison Avenue refer to as “seasonal allergies”.  Gah.  With all of the rain we’ve had and no chance to dry out, the lawns are spongy.  And I’m sure we’re getting quite a bit of mold spores in the air.  The pleasant little breezes we get in the afternoons carry more with them than fresh air.  Bleh.

Last Sunday, we went to Trader Joe’s early in the morning.  We planned on going there, then out to breakfast, then home, or if it was late enough, head on over to CostCo.  There was no milk in the house, so I couldn’t have cereal and there weren’t enough eggs for the two of us.  That’s why we decided to go to breakfast.  Of course, there aren’t too many restaurants open for breakfast at that time of the morning, on a Sunday (a little after eight).  Brian suggested going to a little place out on Olde Highway 80 by the name of Marieta’s.  He used to eat there on a regular basis when his shop was in that area.  It had been years and I said “sure”. 

Well, there was no place to park at Marieta’s.  So, we decided to head out to the little restaurant in Descanso.  I had the French toast combo (a piece of thick bread cut into two, dipped in batter and fried), two scrambled eggs and hash browns.  And a biscuit (good thing I ain’t afraid of carbs). Breakfast was purty good. Brian made the observation that this is one of those places that’s only good if you only go there on occasion.  When we left, he asked if I wanted to go home, or maybe just go for a ride.  It was too early to go to Costco, we had plenty of time to cruise through the back country.  It would be nice to see what the recent rains had wrought. 

And what a coincindence, I’d just put my old camera in the car since I have two in the house to use.  I’ve been talking about doing this for months and more than once I’ve thought “geez, I wish I had a camera”. Well, now I did.  So, I took pictures.  I took quite a few and I put up some of the better ones this afternoon.  I put them in the road trip section of the family album.  I haven’t had a chance to label them yet, but they’re up past Lake Cuyamaca.  There are a couple that are pretty big, because I didn’t want to lose any clarity.  Apologies to those of you on dialup, but at least the size is listed in the thumbnails.

I haven’t gotten much done lately, because I’ve been so tired.  Friday, I went into the bedroom and laid across the bed, smurgling the cats and looking out the window.  It started to rain and it was really relaxing.  I told Brian he should come check it out.  We were still in our walking clothes, stretched out on the bed, watching and listening to the rain.  And we fell asleep.  My mom called a little before nine, worried that there was something wrong.  I just laughed and told her I’d fallen asleep.  After our short conversation, I laid back down and went back to sleep.  At nine thirty, Brian jumped up and started undressing, headed for the shower.  It seems he was supposed to have left something out at his shop for pickup.  Oops. But it was really nice to just lay there, sleeping.

Then Friday evening, the rain started again.  We had over an inch from six Friday evening to six Saturday morning.  And the lawn is spongier than ever.

I like the day after the rain, because the air is so clear and you can see forever.  But as the days go on, it starts to get hazy from all of the evaporate in the air.  Next week, it’s supposed to be pretty pleasant, even start getting warm. That will sure be nice to open up the house again.  If I can find something to lessen the effects of my allergies, I’ll be doing some much needed housecleaning.  Or maybe some much needed paperwork.  That’s been falling behind, too.

Thursday night we went to Applebee’s for the first time since Stephen and Joanne were here.  We sat at the bar and I must say, Boston and Nick (the barkeeps) are two really nice kids.  You know, I honestly think if it weren’t for them, we’d probably hardly ever go out. Which we do less now than we did last year, now that I’m cooking on a regular basis.

Last week, I noticed that my SpamEaterPro mail program kept hanging up.  I narrowed it down to one of the websites I made for Brian.  I checked it out, the website was gone.  I figured the host was just having a glitch when I noticed the same thing for ranchita.com and ranchitaranch.com.  I contacted the host, their server crashed and they were moving files over.  A few days later I’m notified they can’t reconstruct my websites.  They’ll move them to the new server, upgrade the accounts for my “inconvenience” and let me know the login/passwords when they’re set up.  They send me the new information and I can get into one of the sites with no problem.  Turns out I forgot to change the name servers on the other two.  I get that done and a day later, they other two sites still aren’t coming up. I play with the passwords and it turns out the login/password for ranchita worked for ranchitaranch and nothing worked for ranchita.  I contact them again.  “Sorry about that, here’s your new information.”  *sigh*  That worked.  But what a pain in the arse because I didn’t have any of the sites backed up.  At least, I didn’t realize that I did.  One, I had to go over to the wayback machine to find the graphics of the site (I guess I got rid of them when I reformatted my old hard drive).  The other, I tried patching the pictures together, then found a directory on my computer that held all of the information.  Whew.

That was close.  I still have to put up ranchita.com, but it was only one page and I’m not real worried about it at this point.  The booger was ranchitaranch.com.  But it’s up and running and I even got the counter working on it.  Big woohoo.

So, that’s it for now.  Got some laundry in the laundry room that needs to be dealt with.  You know, take the dry stuff out so I can put the wet stuff in.  And put the dry stuff on the sofa where it belongs, to keep the sofa free from cat stuff.

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