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      Thursday, February 19, 2004

11:33 AM - 02/19/2004

The topic: Called the vet this morning


Thursday, February 19, 2004  Concerned about Ciara’s bottom looking like raw hamburger, I called the vet this morning to find out if there was anything I could put on it.  They didn’t have anything, but the vet suggested Desitin, the stuff for human babies’ diaper rash.  I know that when I’ve had the occasional bout of diarrhea and I get sore, when I first shower and wash, it stings like crazy, but it feels a lot better afterward.  With this in mind I got Ciara in the tub this morning before six.  I washed her and I knew it burned when I put the cleaner on it (I used Johnson’s Baby Wash), just because I’ve been there before.  She wasn’t real happy about the blow dryer, but after we were done, and after I gave her fluids, she went into one of the condos in the living room and three hours later, she’s still there.  I did get down to the store, where I bought some Desitin and I also got some Aveeno oat baby shampoo.  I put the Desitin on her.  Gah, I hate the smell of it, it reminds me of when Mickey was a kitten and so very ill.

It’s been almost an hour now and I haven’t seen her licking as much.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Desitin, it’s a very thick lotion and it doesn’t come off easily.  I thoroughly washed my hands with soap and warm water for a couple of minutes and my fingers still feel like they’ve got it on them.  With any luck, this might help her feel a little better and start to eat.  She’s still not showing any interest in food.  I’ve tried a couple of different things, but no luck so far. 

But what little stool she does have is a little bit firmer and a whole lot darker than what was coming out of her Sunday and Monday.  I just tried to get her to eat a little Friskies mixed grill and she did.  I didn’t force her to eat more than she was ready for, but it was nice to see her eating a little.  I hope it doesn’t run right through her.

When we were getting home from our walk, the neighbor who killed our bush was outside cleaning off his van. Brian went down to talk to him, I came home.  I guess this guy’s wife already told him about the plant.  Brian didn’t mention the tree.  If the tree doesn’t make it, I would think it pretty likely that he will.

Well, I’ve got stuff to do, like work on the album.  I took some cute pictures and I was going to post them here, but once I got started, I kind of lost track of time and I guess I should finish something first.  So, I’ll finish this!  If I get the album started, I’ll post here later.

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