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      Thursday, November 20, 2003

09:41 AM - 11/20/2003

The topic: Guess what?


Thursday, November 20, 2003 Guess what?  That’s what!

Heh, a little girl we used to babysit said that all the time, she thought it was really funny.

But, hey, guess what?  We adopted four more cats!  Last week, when I took Junior to the vet and when I picked him up, I was asked if I’d heard from Becky.  Monday morning, Becky came over to learn how to work the remote control so that she can watch more than local over the air television (I was really glad I’d gotten the instructions written up last weekend).  She also said something about her landlord not being happy with the amount of cats she had, that she had to get rid of some.  That some of the cats were living in her garage.  :(

Anyway, her son was with her (he left school because he was sick) and they played the electronic Battleship, making sure they’d know how when we were gone (they’re going to be here over a week, I don’t want them to get bored and they can’t go swimming because it’s too cold now).  They were here for a couple of hours and later that night, she came back by, with both kids, to drop off some stuff I’d ordered from her daughter’s school last month.  They came in for a while, Brian was here, and Becky looked at him and said “I have something I want to ask you”.  She asked if we’d take the four cats in her garage.  Mickey (who was also called Marco), Wally, Sagwa and little Potter.  Brian said “okay”.  We figured that since they’d already been here so it shouldn’t be too hard for them to get acclimated.  She brought them over Tuesday afternoon and so far it hasn’t been hard.  Even Oliver hasn’t been really bad.

Sagwa knows the cat door.  That didn’t take too long.  And it sure was a surprise when I saw him on the bank late yesterday afternoon.  Right now, he’s back outside, playing with the other guys and checking out the backyard.  *sigh*  We’d kind of been hoping to not let them discover the great outdoors until we get back from Colorado.  I could set the cat door to in only, but I’d rather just let things go as they normally do.  If I/we leave the house, we’ll have to make sure the new arrivals are in the house and then set the door to in only.

Potter is still a complete lovebug.  Wally is surprising me.  This morning, after I let the cats out (with Sagwa running out, too), I went back to bed and saw the outline of a cat at the foot of the bed.  I reached down and petted it and it was Wally.  He growled a bit, but it was such a warm feeling knowing that he was comfortable enough with us to come to bed.  Marco hasn’t visited the bedroom much, but I don’t think it will be long.  And Sagwa is all over.  All four of these cats are relaxed and it seems like they’re glad to be here.  I asked Brian this morning if he thought they were all being so affectionate because they knew they were in their forever home, you know, their way of saying “thank you”?  He figured that could be.  And I asked did he think once they’d come to know they wouldn’t be shuffled somewhere else that they’d ease off?  He said probably.

Junior still isn’t back to his eating schedule.  He was doing great last weekend, now he’s back to not finishing.  One thing we have to remember is to pick up the food he doesn’t eat and get rid of it so he’s not nibbling all day long.  I did that last night and I still had to add chicken to his breakfast.  I think until we get back from Colorado, I’ll substitute a half a chicken breast for one cup of his dry food.  That means in the morning all he’ll get is chicken and moist food.  I’m not thrilled about it, but I can’t think of anything else.  The vet basically gave him a clean bill of health not even a week ago.  And for the interim, we’re stopping his milk thistle and fish oil capsules.  Just until his body has a chance to get over whatever is going on.  I’d be more worried, though, if he’d lost weight at his last visit, but up five pounds doesn’t give me a lot of cause for concern.  And he eats the chicken.  Maybe he’s just gotten used to it.  When we get back, I’ll wean him off of it.

This is such a bad time to be going on vacation.  New cats, sick dog.  At least I know they’ll be in good hands with Becky.

Well, that’s about it for today.  Not much else is happening.

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