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      Monday, June 02, 2003

08:31 PM - 06/02/2003

The topic: Stuff happens!


Monday, June 02, 2003 Well, life finally picked up a little around here.  Heh.

Saturday, Brian went to Ranchita.  I really didn’t want him to.  I know that stuff has to be done up there, but I think it would be nice if he spent at least one full weekend a month here at home.  Last month, he went up every weekend except Mother’s Day weekend.  He was gone three days on Memorial Day.  As it is, he’s been going up there for Saturday and staying home Sunday.  I’m starting to get a little resentful.  Because there is so much to be done around here.  Like the living room, the dining room both need to have the ceilings painted, the walls painted and the new floors put down.  Remember that?  The office also needs to be done.  Then we have the pool area.  Sure, I started with the flowers, but there’s so much else needs work.  The streambeds haven’t been running for years because there’s a leak somewhere and it would just about be impossible to find the leak without pulling all of the existing grass.  And not much can get done just one day a weekend.  Besides that, I’d like to do the work around the house on Saturday, then do something fun on Sunday.  Like maybe go for a ride in the car with the top down before it gets too hot.  Or go to a Sunday matinee movie.  Or maybe just hang around the house and watch movies.  Last weekend, I really thought it would be fun to pack a picnic dinner, then go for a ride Sunday afternoon and eat someplace at picnic tables. 

But alas, Brian didn’t get home until around nine Saturday night.  Sunday, there was work to be done here at home.  I was so angry when he got home.  He’d said that he’d probably be home fairly early, so maybe we could go to a movie.  I really would like to see “Finding Nemo” on the big screen.  But that didn’t happen.  I’m afraid I’ll begin to resent the property so much, that I’ll never want to go there.  And that won’t be a good thing.  I’ve explained this all to hubby.  He says, totally clueless, like what I’m asking is way out of line “well, what do you want me to do?”  Uh, duh.  Stay home at least one weekend a month.  Pretty simple.  When we first talked about him going up, he would go up every other weekend.  Somewhere along the line, it became every week.  I’m not happy.  To top it all off, one of the reasons he was late getting home was that the toilet in the trailer was stuck on flush.  And no one noticed it and the holding tank overflowed.  His brother cleaned up the mess with clean towels.  That sewer mess.  So, the towels were in a plastic garbage bag and I got to wash them.  Nasty, nasty, nasty, smelly things.  This was a chore that I wasn’t happy about having to perform.  Not at all. Add another straw to that camel’s back.

Friday afternoon, before I was supposed to take the car in to have the CD player pulled, I started farting around with it.  I got it to work.  Turns out that it was probably dust inside the unit that was preventing the CD from being read.  The player is under warranty, but it’s a PITA to have to drive down to the place to get it worked on, waste an hour or so, then come home and have to do the same thing when the unit is working again. 

You asked for it!  New photos of Benny’s new do!


He’s such a happy cat now.

Yesterday, we went to Home Depot where I got a couple of more plants and a new cultivator (my other one broke; Brian fixed it yesterday morning).  When we got home, I planted the plants and he started working on a rock wall for the area next to the pool pump.  At one point, I heard a splash at the pool and Opie was going out of the water faster than he’d gone in.  He was soaking wet.  I have no idea how he ended up in the water.  Brian thinks he might have been trying to get on one of the plastic ducks floating in the water.  I thought maybe he was going after a dragonfly.  Either way, he ended up wet and ran into the house.  We didn’t see him for over an hour.  I went in search of him and found him in the garage.  I picked up a very frightened little boy and carried him outside.  He’d done a good job ov drying off, but his tail was still dripping.  I squeezed a bunch of water off of it outside.  He ended up hanging out in the cat tree.  I haven’t seen him close to the pool since.

Oh, for those of you who like Litter Purrfect and can’t find it, I’ve put up a page about what you can do.  Litter Purrfect.

Then, there was a big commotion over on the bank, under the pine trees.  I went over to check it out and Pete had a bird.  It looked like a pigeon.  Luckily, the pigeon got loose and flew off.  But there was still something going on up in the trees.  One of those creepy big black birds was invading a nest, a mockingbird nest.  The parent birds were attacking, but with no luck.  The big black bird flew off with a baby bird in its beak.  I saw it in one of the trees in the front yard, picking at the little one.  I’m sure it was eating the baby bird. 

There was a discussion on another forum, not a catlovers’ forum.  I mentioned in one post that I didn’t care much for children.  In another, I posted about my dislike (nay, hatred, loathing) of coyotes.  Funny thing, the only response I got for either comment was someone who was “surprised” that someone else didn’t find coyotes a thing of beauty. as a matter of fact, he’d had them as pets as a child (sorry, but this brought to mind comedians talking about being so poor, they had cockroaches as pets).  No one at all brought up my dislike of human children.  I thought this was kind of funny.  He did say that coyotes kept the feral cat population down.  I dared not respond.  So, I just thought to myself….‘hey, coyote lover, KMFWA!’

Well, it’s getting late, animals need to be fed and litterboxes need to be cleaned out.  I’ve gotta get busy before it gets even later. All done!

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