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      Tuesday, January 28, 2003

12:42 PM - 01/28/2003

The topic: I’m back!


Well, I wasn't really even gone, but I'm back here, making a new entry. I guess what they say, "no news is good news" is kind of the way it goes.

But there is some GREAT news! Joe has Suzy back! Here is his latest post. This is such wonderful news. I hope he can find a place to live soon. Housing is really bad here in San Diego.

DeeJay had a little setback this weekend. I don't know what was going on with him, but he wasn't lapping up his probiotics and he threw up a considerable amount. We did catch him eating dried up cat puke and I think that may have upset his intestinal balance. But he's getting back on track now, he's back to eating again.

Life has been pretty uneventful around here. Saturday, I crocheted a good part of the day, got quite a bit done on the loveseat cover. Brian worked in the shop on the shelves for the closet (I want my closet back!). Saturday night, we watched some movies. I watched "Dragonfly" starring Kevin Costner and after that we watched "Original Sin" with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie. Sunday morning, Brian got up early and went up to Ranchita to help Mark bury more pipe. I cleaned the house and watched the Super Bowl (yay, Tampa!). Brian got home after the game was over.

Yesterday, I had a chiropractor's appointment and I was face to face with my very first racist bigot. Live and in person. Holy moley! I've seen these brainless wonders on Jerry Springer and that ilk, but never in a waiting room at a doctor's office. And for pity's sake, at least have the consideration to keep your very, unpopular inane beliefs to yourself. This room has room for maybe eight people. I saw this guy last month, and for some reason, he gave me the shudders. Not that he said anything last month, but he sure made up for it yesterday. He was saying that white people are descended from different ancestors that black people. He never said "black people" but it was obvious that was his intent. He talked about race mixing and stuff like that and the women around him were incredulous. You could see it in their faces, hear it in their voices when the spoke to him. Me, I just got up and told the receptionist I'd be outside when it was my turn. Fortunately, they got him back into a room ahead of everyone else, so no one had to listen to his idiocy. Yeah, buddy, it's apparent that we all didn't descend from the same ancestors, your ancestors must have come from under a rock. Man, would I have loved to tell him he could kiss my big fat white butt :-moon. I said something to the doctor about that man, about how I felt sorry for his kids and I found out the man didn't have any children (thank God) and his first wife left him (the doctor said "you can understand why"). The doctor doesn't think too highly of him either. Ish, I can't even imagine having to touch him. as-beat

I'm having fits with my Gateway computer. I finally decided I'm going to get an ethernet card for the Dell and use it with the cable modem. I called Dell last night to see what I'd need and I was on hold for at least an hour. I finally hung up and got the model of the ethernet card in my Gateway, searched on line and found a kit for less that a hundred dollars that has a hub, software, two ethernet cards and cables. I spent more of the money we don't have and I'll try setting it up after the stuff gets here. Then I'll move the cameras over to the Dell, the remote for the roofcam over to the Dell and maybe move the weather station information over there, too. I'd like to not have to have both computers on all the time. Then I think I'll delete a bunch of programs on the Gateway and just use it for website stuff. I'm seriously considering completely reformatting the C drive and starting over from scratch. There's obviously some major software problems somewhere.

It's the end of the month almost. I haven't done paperwork in so long. I must get it finished today. I still have the year end payroll reports to do. So, I guess I'd best get busy. I hope it doesn't take too long. I got W-2 forms for the laser printer this year, so I don't think I'll need to drag out the old typewriter.

That's nice. More later if I think of anything.

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