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      Monday, January 20, 2003

02:49 PM - 01/20/2003

The topic: Ah…Monday, Monday…


It's Monday. I'm sure you've realized by now, I never did make it back Saturday. One of those things about getting sidetracked. We went to Home Depot and made a mistake of looking at lamps for the bedroom. At that point, we only had a little Mickey Mouse lamp and it didn't cast much light. Of course, there are the lights in the ceiling fan, but I've never liked overhead lighting, it's not soft enough or something. No matter how beautiful the fixture, I always think of warehouses or filling station bathrooms. Well, we saw some lamps that would really look nice in the bedroom. A floor lamp for my side of the bed and a table lamp for on top of the armoire. Then we looked at hanging lamps for the dining room and found one that matches all of the new stuff we've gotten. We thought about putting off the purchase, but Brian pointed out that the shelves were being emptied and that probably meant they were clearing out stock for new. So, we spent way too much money, once again. That should be it, though. There's nothing else we need. We've got all the tile that we need for the rest of the house, we've got all of the paint. Well, we might have to come up with something here in the office. We got some new office furniture years ago at CostCo, I think it was so long ago it was still Price Club. It's in the original boxes back in Brian's shop. We've just never gotten around to the remodel of the office. We have dark grey tile for in here and I'd like to have the walls a light or medium grey. The furniture we got is dark grey and light grey, if I remember correctly. So, we'll probably only have to buy paint for in here.

Well, there is one more thing we need. Bedspreads. And that's looking like a tough thing to find. We can't use ruffles or that bed skirt because it has to go under the mattress. And to put something under our mattress, we have to disconnect the air. And besides, it's not practical when I know how often I'm going to be washing the spread, you know? Having something hanging onto the floor is just asking for more work anyway. I did find some solid spreads, good sized. They're long enough and wide enough so that I won't need pillow shams, I can make the bed the old fashioned way and tuck the spread under the pillows. Blair has them and Sears has them. I figure I can get different colors and to change the look, put a patterened comforter or afghan on top. And obviously, we'll need more than one spread, because of the urine problem. The ones I found are $59.99 a piece. Gah! They look just like the ones I got at Spiegal over twenty years ago for $20.00. And those are still around, but they're ready to go to that big spread heaven in the sky.

I received an email from the Paw Project this morning. They were instrumental in the law that is being considered by the West Hollywood City Council. Keep your fingers crossed that it passes.

Last week, Brian made cook and serve sugar free chocolate Jello pudding. Something I've never really paid attention to is the type of milk that's supposed to be used. We use non-fat. The directions call for 1%. There's never been any problem with it before. Well, Brian dished it up and mine sat on the table for a while. Brian's didn't. He kept stirring his. And what's really strange is mine firmed up to nice pudding firm. His stayed a watery consistancy. He ended up pouring his down the drain. I offered him half of mine, but he declined.

Yesterday, I wanted to watch the playoffs. So, I did. But Brian wanted to watch Monte Walsh on TNN. So, I watched the Titans/Raiders game in the bedroom. It was nice. I had cats all around me, even Red came in and laid in the crook of my arm and let me scratch him behind the ears and on the back of his neck for a really long time. When I stopped, he started headbutting me. I guess it was probably twenty minutes before he decided he'd had enough. The cats really seem to like the new arrangement in the bedroom. Spraying has been at a minimum. We've had a couple of places that have been sprayed, but since they're easily seen, they're easy to quickly clean up.

And I have to give the Feliway a thumbs up. Even Brian said it's made a difference. We still have some spraying, but it's decreased considerably. There's not nearly as much as often on the kitchen counter. The back of Brian's chair still gets sprayed, but I think maybe we should try spraying Feliway directly on it. And at night, because that's when it gets hit the hardest. But we like the plug ins. The have the cathouse four paw approval rating.

The roots have grown long on my hair and there still isn't enough of my natural white to suit my tastes. Brian got a late start today and we did my hair this morning. I used the toner crap that came with it and when I tried combing it out, it wouldn't. It was dry and breaking off. I ended up washing it again and put lots of conditioner on it. Then I put some of that Frizz-Ease stuff on it and carefully combed it out. It looks and feels a lot better now.

Well, I've seen the little one (I called him "Little Bit" the other day to Brian) and Repete has been back around. This morning we had KittyMeeze, OC and SpotTee. But no tortie and we haven't seen Angus for a while. We've only been putting out two cans of food at night, not mixed with dry. And they've been eating it all. The dry in the feeder isn't going down quickly.

At least we're not throwing food out every morning. That's it for now.

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