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      Tuesday, January 14, 2003

11:35 AM - 01/14/2003

The topic: The laundry is still waiting…


Tuesday, January 14, 2003 This weekend I laundered bed clothing as the cats peed on it. Remember I traded pillows with Brian? Well, I washed the pissy pillow that day and that night, I saw that someone had peed on the pillow I'd traded with him. So, I took the pissy pillow and gave him the clean one. So far, so good. But when the machines are in use with bed clothes and blankets, they aren't in use with clothes. This morning, Brian asked if he had any clean Levis anywhere. Not down here. So, today, I have to do clothing laundry. And I know my major block to doing laundry right now is the exercise room. The fact that I can't hang anything up because the bedroom closet isn't done gets in my way of wanting to do laundry. Brian has been working on the wood frame for the closet doors and he needs to get the wood for the shelving (he's going have the bar for hangers lower, which will give room for two shelves; which I'm excited about because I can put bedding there and that will give me extra room for towels in the hallway closet). I digress (what's new?)

I've also fallen behind in paperwork, something I have a tendency to do when we don't have any money to pay bills. So, those are two things I want to get done today. Laundry and paperwork. With the paperwork done, I should be able to start cleaning out last year's files and set up this year's.

We've been doing good on keeping up with walking. Except yesterday, Brian kept going at the corner light instead of going right. We started out in cool clear weather, ended up going into a deep fog. Then by a school where the sprinklers were on and we had to walk in the street in the fog with people in cars on the road going to work. I didn't like that one little bit. I think we walked about five miles, but Brian said it was only a mile and a half. The last couple of little hills were really hard on me. Not breathing hard, but my legs were killing me, especially my thighs and even my buttocks. I was glad to get home. Then I was too hot and I sat in my office chair in just my sweatpants and bra. This morning, we didn't walk quite so far.

This morning I went to the vet's office already to pick up more needles for DeeJay's fluids. I went over to the local donut shop and bought a box of donuts (14 for $3.99) and I had them put one in a seperate bag for me and I walked up to the vet's office and gave them the box of donuts. Liz asked how many needles I needed and I told her two week's worth, which is twelve needles (two per fluid session, three sessions a week). She came from the back and asked if I'd like to just buy a box and I asked how much. She told me a figure, less than $7.00, so I said sure. I'd gotten $20.00 back at Wal-Mart yesterday after buying 9 lives cat food (I hate this stuff, but if DeeJay, Boney and Lucky will eat it, and ask for more, I'll buy it; besides, the out fronts also get a can of it in the morning) and I'd spent less than three of that on a slice of pizza and a soda at CostCo. So, after lunch, donuts and needles, I still have over five dollars left. And if I don't go anywhere, that should last me a month. LOL

Brian finally decided to not buy anything unless we had the money to pay for it. No more plastic. Sounds good to me. (Hey, if you're feeling sorry for me, you can make a donation...*grin*...nah, if you want to donate to a good cause, donate to Joe's cats; which reminds me, go check out the forum I made for him, there's been a Suzy sighting!) I found when I was single being broke brought out my more inventive side, I found things to do that didn't cost anything. Re-introducing myself to things I'd set aside during flusher times. Like right now, I can burn CDs (either audio or computer), learn more about computer programs I've got and never made myself learn, make candles, crochet, gosh, all sorts of creative things that I've already paid for the materials...lots to keep me busy and to tap into my inner talent. If there is any, that is.

Want to see a couple of very handsome boys?

That's OC at the top, MeezerKitty on the bottom.

I took that Monday. OC is spending more time with us. And he's getting more used to us walking around. Sometimes I can even make it up to the mailbox without him running under the juniper on the bank. Other times, he runs as soon as he hears the door open. *sigh* I haven't seen Repete in a while. I have seen the tortie and the little black kitten was here this morning. I think he's getting more used to me, too. He'd start to run off and when Meeze and SpotTee just sat where they were, kept eating, he'd come back up to a food dish. I've seen where he's living, down the street on the Little Man's property, under his juniper. I'd like to get this guy and his mom. She sure doesn't seem way feral, more like a dumped cat. Way ferals run when they hear or see humans. She just keeps eating. But talking to her doesn't seem to affect her any. Hmmm.....

Okay, Levis are in the wash. The six inch pile of unopened mail is still sitting there, to the left of the keyboard, waiting for me...

This morning, after Brian left, I called my mom. Then someone rang the doorbell. I told mom that someone was at the door, please hang on. I went to the door, it was Brian and I could hear the truck running. He said the neighbor was trying to give their dog her insulin by herself (hubby usually does it) and she couldn't do it, Munchkin wouldn't cooperate (this is the same house where the guy called me up last year screaming and cussing about the ferals in his yard). Well, Brian offered to help, but she wanted to be the one to hold Munch and he give the shot. And we all know that's not going to happen. If he can't do Junior, he most decidedly won't be able to do a dog who isn't ours. So, he came home and asked if I'd do it. I told my mom what the deal was as I was putting on my shoes. I went next door, and the neighbor held Munch and I gave Munch what was left of her insulin (she'd gotten half of it). I looked at the syringe and it's a 100cc syringe and I don't think the needle is as fine as the one we use for Junior. I asked the neighbor where she gets her syringes, told her about the 30cc syringe we use for Junior and that I thought the needle was finer so it didn't hurt so much. We walked outside and she asked if we still had three dogs (it's been a while since we've spoken) and I told her about Buddy and Sandy, and about Rusty and Lola. She talked a little about her father and I finally told her that I was kind of cold. I had on sweatpants and a thermal shirt, that I'd worn while walking. Although it was warm enough inside, it was still a little damp from our walk (I had a sweatshirt on over it which came off when I walked in the house) and I was definitely losing body heat.

Speaking of needles, when I got the needles for DeeJay this morning, Liz made it a point to ask if I was going to use them for illicit purposes. That got me to laughing. I don't think so, those suckers are HUGE! She said that they'd gotten a call from a pharmacy about one of the clinic's clients, that the pharmacy would no longer sell insulin syringes to this client because they were using them for themselves. I thought this was odd, because I've gotten syringes at RiteAid (the first box) and after that at CostCo and they've never asked me who prescribed them. I have to give my name, address and phone number when I purchase them and it's always stated they're for "K9" use. But no one ever asked who the vet is. I guess if I were to get them more often than every three months they'd question it. It would appear that the pharmacies turn in these logs to state agencies, where they're checked over. Anyway, Liz was told by the pharmacy that they'd no longer sell to this particular client. I wonder if the client went to purchase more syringes and they were told "no" by the pharmacy at which point the client told them to call the vet. It seems curious based on my experience.

Well, it's 11:30 now, I guess I'd best start opening mail and processing it. Not something I'm looking forward to at all.

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