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      Wednesday, March 08, 2006

10:27 AM - 03/08/2006

The topic: Yesterday


The phone rings yesterday morning, the part came in for the television, they’ll be out today.  Okay.  Because of the bad time Brian has getting the entertainment center out from the wall (it’s very, very heavy), I decided to go to WalMart and see if they had some of those things that you slide under the legs of heavy furniture to help moving it.  I’d gotten some before, but they were too small.

I found the reusable kind that are pretty big, seven and a half inches each. And they can move “up to 3200” pounds.  They should work.  I got some other stuff and came home.

When I opened the front door, it was like walking outside of an air conditioned building and it’s a hundred degrees outside with zero humidity.  Except it wasn’t heat that hit me, it was the smell of old cat urine.  Well, we can’t have that, now, can we?

I pull the Floormate and get to work, pulling the sofa and loveseat away from the wall and cleaning up what Autumn leaves behind.  I did the floors in the dining room, family room and living room.  I started up the washer, figuring to wash all of the furniture covers in the family room, getting out any pee that might be on them.  I didn’t get started with all of this until about three o’clock, so I was pretty busy.

Brian got us Mexican food, we ate dinner and I took up cleaning where I’d left off.  He went back to the office and went onto the internet.  The phone rang.  He answered it, it was Dell.   Fraud division.  I picked up the line and was asked if we’d just purchased some sort of handheld device.  I said no.  Well, someone had used my Dell account and my Citibank credit card and ordered a handheld device.  I told him it wasn’t us and it won’t be authorized by anyone here.  He advised that I call the credit card company and cancel the card and he’d take care of cancelling the order for the Dell product.

I went into my Dell account and lo and behold, the order had been cancelled.  And even nicer, the name of the person who would be receiving it was there, as well as the shipping address.  Somewhere in St Louis, MO.   All the times my cards have been fraudulently used, this was the first time there was an address.  I’ll be sending this to the fraud department at Citibank and I’m also considering contacting law enforcement in the city and state the device was to be shipped.  I’m sure I’m not the only one these subhumans have done this to.

While I was on the phone with Citibank, I was told about the virtual credit card.  It’s software that makes a new credit card number every time you place an order online.  This number is good for one use only.  If someone were to get a hold of the records of the store and attempt to use that number, it wouldn’t work.  Because it’s a one time only number.   When my new account is set up, I’m going to take advantage of this.  I’m getting tired of having my information used.

Of course, I had a hard time getting to sleep last night.  I kept wondering how they’d get my Dell account number along with a credit card number.  (Both accounts have been cancelled.)   You know, is someone hacking into my computer?  And thinking about it, my computer does not have my Dell account number.  So, it’s coming from somewhere else.  Right now, I’m running a new spyware program.  I ran Spyware Doctor last night.  It found fifty seven instances of stuff on my computer that shouldn’t be there.  The software currently running is SpyBot.  Because I read that not all programs catch everything. 

Gah.  What a pain in the ass this is.

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