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      Friday, September 29, 2017

07:10 PM - 09/29/2017

The topic: Who knew?


My eyes were weird this morning. It was okay if I closed one eye or the other. But with both of them open? Problem focusing.

Then my memory went wonky. I couldn't remember words. I thought maybe I was hungry. Brian made a good breakfast, but it didn't help. 

The first word I couldn't remember? Migraine. I asked Brian at least three times to remind me. The other word was "generic". And then the headache hit. Left side of my head. Sneezing or coughing hurt. A lot. I took a generic Excedrin. 

I laid on the sofa, covered in a light blanket. I wasn't tired, but it was a waste of time to watch TV or read or go online. I kept repeating generic and migraine. When they were gone I tried saying them out loud and the words were nonsensical.

I did a search on my kindle fire for memory loss and migraines. And it's a thing! Whew! I slept a bunch today and even though my head still hurts when I cough or sneeze, it's nothing like this morning. And my words are back. That's  a good thing.

Brian went shopping this morning and bought a bottle of Excedrin migraine. I think getting on it early helped. This was no fun at all. Knowing you can't remember words? 

The stuff of nightmares.





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