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      Sunday, September 24, 2017

06:31 AM - 09/24/2017

The topic: When Skippy could see


He peed in the grass or in the litterbox. Every time.

Since he's lost his sight, he hasn't. Not that it's an issue for me, I've been cleaning up after cats for years. But there was something about his urine, now that I could see it, that was extremely alarming.

It was dark. Very, very dark. Not bloody, not brown, but amber. Not right. Not right at all.

I mention it to Brian he said maybe it was just concentrated. Well, maybe, but he gets fluids twice a day. His output is a fair amount. It shouldn't be concentrated, not like this.

So, I go to Dr. Google. And I search for dark urine and doxycycline, since that's the only medication he's on. Dark urine is one of those "severe" side effects and to stop taking immediately.

Effing great. Just great. So how much liver damage could this have caused? Searching, searching, searching, reading, reading, reading....

Okay, it has a half life of eighteen hours. So, by now, there's fifty percent left in his system. (Eighteen hours was midnight.)  At noon today, there will be twenty-five percent left in his system. I'm sitting there with a pen and pad figuring this all out last night. My mind is racing.

He peed on the blanket twice last night. The first one I cleaned up, it was at the edge. Sometime during the night he peed on the blanket again and I sopped it up with paper towels. Dark. Still dark. But, over at the litter box, he had peed in a corner and some of it shot outside of the box onto the pee pad (bathroom is pretty much covered in pee pads against the wall, mostly to catch spilled water and kibble and loose litter). And it wasn't as dark!  Well, Brian just looked at it and it looks just as dark to him. ohoh

He's not really hungry this morning (he would be if all he got was Greenies, he still likes his Greenies), but Brian reminded me of DaNiece when I pulled all of her meds not so long ago. If I hadn't been impatient and hung up while on hold with the vet's office, she's most likely not be here today.

His fur actually looks a little better this morning, but he's not very active. So, could you send some healing thoughts his way? Prayers, white light, light a candle?

He's just so depressed. I miss my Skippy.

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