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      Sunday, October 01, 2017

06:30 AM - 10/01/2017

The topic: What would you have done?


I've mentioned in the past my Imagepac Stampmaker.   One of the things it needs are dark negatives. Well, my Epson isn't being cooperative. Since the sun hits it in the afternoon, something wanky is going on with the ink. I've figured out a fix, but when Brian wants new stamps, it's just not practical to spend all day trying to get the R1900 to work properly.

So, I ordered another printer.  An Epson Expression ET-2650. (Son of a BITCH, the price dropped $20 since I ordered it Thursday. Son of a BITCH!!!!) We'll be moving out the old, big copier and replacing that with this (son of a bitch, they dropped the price! Damn it, I wonder how long that will be rolling around in my head.) I figure this will work for my negatives and it will be pretty easy for Brian to use. Instead of me having to get the R1900 running, he can just print off whatever he needs. Like the occasional color picture he sends to customers explaining what he suggests needs to be done. There are no ink cartridges, it has it's own built in continuous ink system. And the reviews are really good.

And as I mentioned a couple of days ago, I ordered a new cat carrier, one that opens in the front and on the top. That was supposed to be here yesterday.

As well as a package of goodies I got in the recent Meh off to wrap and take to the vet's office for Christmas. And some vitamin supplements for Brian. And a package of embellishments from Joann's where I took advantage of the craft sale (half off!) and a coupon for 20% off of my entire order.

Well, the carrier and the printer didn't get here. I was out waiting for him when I heard the mail truck coming up the road. He said "it isn't here". I came inside, printed out one of the sheets saying it was out for delivery. "It isn't here" he tells me. He keeps calling me "maam". I want to put the hose full strength on him. He tells me to call the post office and drives off. I came inside to do just that and golly, gee, whiz, the post office closed at noon. It's now 2:15. That little shit. Not really funny. At all. So, I faxed them.

Well, when I realized there were two packages (at first I only remembered the printer because that was the priority) I thought "well, maybe there's another truck, sometimes they do that" and just let it go.

Until around five o'clock when I heard something out front. It was the little shit mail kid, dropping off my packages. In front of our gate. I walk outside.

"Oh, yeah, I found these when I got back to the office. I forgot I'd left them there because my truck was too full to bring them. Sorry about that."

If looks could kill, his family would be preparing his funeral right now.

But everything is in the house now. Today I will set up the new printer. And try to get the orange spray unclogged on the old one. And if I can't? I found my new printer already. And the new CISS I'll need.....poor Brian...

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