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      Sunday, November 26, 2017

11:53 AM - 11/26/2017

The topic: Well, that was an unproductive week


Well, it was kind of productive.

The computers got here on Monday. The new water dispenser got here on Monday. That was good.

I started cutting paper for the cards on Tuesday.  I started embellishing and assembling pieces of the cards on Wednesday. (Just the first set, there will be four different ones. I'd planned on cutting everything out at once, but I didn't have all of the cardstock, so I'm just doing one set at a time.) 

Thursday morning I put the cards together. Had a hissy fit when things didn't go right and pretty much ruined one of the cards. I fixed it enough to live here with us, but not get sent out.

Early Thursday afternoon, we went to see Thor Ragnarok in 3D (loved it!) When we got home, I started working on the cards again. Had them mostly done that night, envelopes and all.

Somewhere along the line, I pulled something in my back. Friday was bad, yesterday was worse, but getting better today. I want to do something, but since my back is feeling better, I don't want to push it. So annoying.

The weather is perfect right now. Not hot like last week (record temperatures, we're talking high nineties and over a hundred). Very pleasant today, would love to be working on the new computers or cutting more cardstock or figuring out how to run my cables for the Silhouettes. I spent hours Tuesday morning, the laptop would only recognize one Cameo at a time. I have three. Turned out to be the USB cables were bad. I ordered three new ones and want to get them fixed to my  worktable so they won't be in the way; I bought some of those things that hold cables in place, but I have to glue them in place since they'll be on the bottom of the table and the adhesive things that they come with doesn't work for very long.

Too much bending and stretching for either of those. And it's perfect weather for window washing, but, again, I want my back to get better, not worse.

I'm frustrated right now.

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