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      Saturday, May 22, 2021

08:07 AM - 05/22/2021

The topic: We said goodbye to Rory yesterday


After her original appointment last month and the followup appointment where she'd lost over three pounds the next week, I thought maybe it was because the metronidazole was old (it was from Lorelei last year) and ordered a new prescription. I'd been giving that to her twice a day as well as the fluids every day.

But her fur was spiky (those who have had cats with health issues know the look) and it never looked normal. She showed less and less interest in food. She smelled off. It's been my experience that cats with kidney problems smell like fresh baked bread. She never smelled like that.

And she cried. She'd climb on my lap or on my desk and lay there and just cry. I'd pet her and hold her and she'd settle down, but she was obviously very uncomfortable. To be honest, it reminded me of Potter on his last day. (I don't even want to think about that, it was so awful.)

Concerned about her this past weekend, I called on Monday and made an appointment for yesterday.

Yesterday, she barely ate anything. Some deli beef. None of the other goodies I'd place before her (you know when you have a sick pet by all of the different kinds of food in the fridge). I opened a fresh can of tuna and she lapped the juice. Didn't eat any fish. I took a little bit out and split it up and set it next to her face. When I looked out a few minutes later, she'd turned her back on it. I mean, she actually turned around. No interest at all. And later, a length of drool was hanging from the side of her mouth. Kidney disease can cause mouth ulcers. And I realized that's probably what's happening at this point. Her kidneys are shutting down.

I was taken into an examining room. Brian waited outside (one masked person at a time in the room). She'd lost more weight. The vet examined her and said that she was very dehydrated. She said more tests could be run, but she didn't really hold out much hope for improvement at this point. So, she advised saying goodbye.

I called Brian in from the car (because euthanasia) and we were with her when she passed away.

I kept looking for her last night. She was one of those very sweet cats who never fought with any of the other cats. We miss her.

May 9, 2021

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Again I am so sorry for your loss…She was loved until the end and that is what matters the most.

Posted by Sue Miller @ Friday, June 04, 2021 - 9:52:12 AM

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