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      Monday, September 22, 2014

11:55 AM - 09/22/2014

The topic: We really need to get our affairs in order


If something happens to us, I do NOT, I repeat, do NOT want his brother and sister-in-law anywhere NEAR my cats. I can see them just dumping them somewhere or worse yet, just letting them fend for themselves while they help themselves to our stuff.

They are NOT good cat owners. They got a couple of kittens a few months back and Brian just told me they "lost" one. "Lost" one? WTF?

I guess they got the kittens to kill the mice and mice only come out at night, dontcha know? The SIL wanted to bring them in, but Brian's brother, the same guy who read me the riot act, out of the blue one Christmas day, about us having so many cats said they had to stay out at night. This man who knows everything about everything, this "knowallogist", someone who's opinion drips gold, it's so important.

And we all know that cats are natural hunters, right? It's not like it's something that they LEARN to do from their MOTHERS, right? And if the mother doesn't teach them, they automatically know how to do it.

Right now, the hatred I'm feeling for this man is almost palpable. You could almost touch it and feel it with your hands.

It is not a good feeling. Not at all.

Make sure that someone who knows you do not want them in your house and can keep them out is aware. I have a clause in my will about my sister, my lawyer has a person in there office that will secure my house until the will is read and my niece has moved in. I fear if my sister got into the house before a legal transfer she’d squat and there’d be problems.

Posted by Donna Olsen @ Monday, September 22, 2014 - 1:15:26 PM

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Thanks, Donna. I told Brian we’ll have this in place by the end of the year. We’ll be leaving most of our stuff to the cat sitter and her husband. They love the cats.

When I took Marco in earlier this summer, she took a picture of him in his crate and sent it to her husband. He immediately responded “Marco?” They know the cats, the love the cats and I know they’ll take good care of them.

Posted by lisaviolet @ Monday, September 22, 2014 - 1:22:51 PM

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