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      Tuesday, January 09, 2018

10:57 AM - 01/09/2018

The topic: We had a little scare with Mario last night


He was walking really weird, holding his back end down.

My thoughts immediately ran to "he can't poop again". He pooped that morning. He's pooped every morning. He stands in the litter box with his butt hanging on the outside and drops a little love muffin on the outside of the box.

It's easy to pick up with a paper towel and I squish it, to check it's hardness.  Because hard, dry stools are why he ended up at the vet's office last month. So far, just the first part is drier than it should be.

But, he's pooping. Every day.

Why I started freaking out last night is beyond me. He followed me around, with his funny little walk. He looked at me. He meowed at me. I gave him lactulose. I fed the cats and the food was really runny last night (I add water, always add water) and put the psyllium in his bowl. He lapped it up. He lapped it up for quite a while. I gave him 120cc of lactated ringers. That would have gone a lot quicker if he'd quit moving away from me. He didn't like being stuck with the needle, well, you walk away and pull the needle out before I'm done, you're gonna get stuck again. As many times as it takes.

He didn't show any distress, other than the weird walk. I helped him up on to the sofa and he cleaned himself. And purred. Played with my hand, after the bitey play, I got a toy for him to play with and he reached for it.

He climbed up next to me in bed and since I've been having back/leg problems, caused by cats, I'm sure, all the odd ways I have to position myself to not bother them, I left the bedroom and slept on the couch. Not so many cats there. When I woke up this morning, there was Mario. Right next to my head.

Good morning, sunshine.

I got up and went back to bed, dozed off for a while. I got up for good a little after six. Had to move Mario because he'd followed me back into the bedroom, going up the stool on Brian's side and walking over to me. I put him on the pillow (he protested) and before my feet hit the ground, he was already down. He came back into the office, peed on a pee pad and then did the pooping thing.

Looked and felt pretty good. Normal.

No vet trips today!

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