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      Thursday, January 15, 2009

11:31 AM - 01/15/2009

The topic: Washing the pee pads


In our laundry room, I use pee pads.  I’ve actually started to double up on them.  This started back with DeeJay when he would pee in front of the litter box.  The litter box is plastic, the urine would get under it and it was a nightmare to clean.  So much easier to just put pee pads there.

For a while, I used the disposable pads, but that was a problem when cats would come along and try to cover up the urine and pull at the pad and rip it to shreds. And once again, pee got under the litter box.

Washable pee pads took care of this.

But I never expected that washing the pee pads would be such a nightmare.  We’ve got a front loading washing machine, I love it dearly, but these pads never seemed to smell fresh after washing.  I’d started running them through two wash cycles.  A heavy duty cycle with Biz as a pre-wash and Oxyclean and Kirkland brand HE3 dry detergent in the first wash, with an extra rinse cycle thrown in for good measure, then a second cycle where I’d use vinegar.

I’ve always like Nature's Miracle products, they’ve got a fresh, light, clean scent. And using it on a regular basis seems to keep the cats from peeing in the same spots.  Well, the last time I ordered the stain and odor removal product, I ordered some Nature's Miracle Laundry Detergent out of curiousity.  And earlier this week it got here.

I had a full load of pee pads (I have a diaper thing I put them in).  I did one regular load with this product and I can’t believe how great it is!  After the first wash cycle, when I opened the washer door, it smelled good!  No icky smell, nothing to assault my tender olfactory senses.  Just clean.  I smelled “clean”.

One wash.  One cycle.  One capful and these pee pads just smelled great.

I’m hooked. 

I won’t use it for regular laundry, but for the pee pads and badly pissed on cat bedding?  As Sarah would say “you betcha!”

If your washer allows you to add baking soda to the detergent, you might try using some.  I used to do my mother-in-law’s laundry when she was in a nursing home, and I found that a fourth of a cup of baking soda did an excellent job of removing urine odors.  I also used it the time one of our cats peed on a throw rug (he was coming down with a bladder infection and was letting us know) with excellent results.

Posted by Trudy @ Sunday, January 18, 2009 - 10:08:17 AM

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