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      Friday, March 24, 2006

08:41 AM - 03/24/2006

The topic: Vet today


Ciara’s appointment is at ten this morning.  I could have taken her in at 4:45 yesterday, but I didn’t want to deal with the traffic of folks driving home from work. 

I sure hope whatever her problem is, it’s easily rectified.  She’s such a cute little girl and I miss seeing her running around the house.  The past week, she’s spent most of her time in the catcam chair.

Thinks some good thoughts for her, please?  Thanks.

UPDATE: 11:09

Well, there was nothing really obviously wrong with her. She does have an ear infection in her right ear, he said on a scale of five, he'd put her's at at two. Panalog for that, once a day for a week. She does have a nasty molar, but he showed me how it didn't bother her when he pushed on it, so whatever the problem, it's not her teeth.

Her rapid eye movement is most likely genetic. He said “hasn’t she always done this?”  I said I kind of thought she did, but now it seems much more pronounced.  She was not dehydrated at all.

I told him about the poop and prednisone and he said I could quit giving it to her.

He took blood and urine for testing.  He doesn’t like the fact that she’s lost a pound since last year.  He’ll call me later with test results.  He didn’t charge for the urine test and according to my invoice, he’s having it sent out for testing instead of doing it in house.  He mentioned that the prednisone can sometimes affect the liver and that can lead to diabetes, but he really doesn’t think that’s the case, he just wants to be 100% sure.

I got home, got the panalog in her ear without any problem and she came over to my desk and started pushing stuff around.  Something she always enjoyed doing is pushing stuff off of my desk onto the floor.  She’ll go from one thing to the next until it’s cleared.  And she looks at me as if to say “aren’t I just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen in you life?”

She is.

So, I’m kind of wondering, if the tests show nothing concrete, that maybe she’s just been depressed this last week. After all, she spent a great deal of time with Annie the month before she died.  It honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

UPDATE: 3:43

Well, I had a check I had to get out in the mail and wouldn’t you know, the doctor called while I was outside.  But he did leave a message and Ciara’s bloodwork is all within normal range!  Yay!  Her urine does have white blood cells in it, so I’m to keep her on the amoxicillan for ten days.

The thing is, I’ve never had a cat get depressed like this because of a bladder infection.  She just doesn’t want to do anything.  So, at this point, I do think she’s depressed.  We’ll start giving her extra attention and maybe that will bring her out of it.

Frisky was a psychological mess after Edloe died. And I’m sure he lost weight after it. But I kept a close eye on him and he’s been fine.

Weird, but fine.

Posted by Laurence Simon @ Friday, March 24, 2006 - 11:52:28 AM

I’m glad to hear that aside from the ear infection Ciara seems to be okay.  I hope the tests come back negative.  I know when I lost one and then another cat just a few months later, the one cat that I had that grew up with them moped for a few days.  I believe they also feel your sadness, too.  If she’s pushing things off the desk like she used to maybe she’s telling you “I’m okay now, Mom.  Gotta keep your desk clean for more important things like cat naps!”. 

Oh!  My cat, Possum, had the rapid eye movement her whole life.  It wasn’t to bad, but her eyes did jiggle back and forth a bit.  Never seemed to bother her.  Wigged me out a bit!

Posted by Lisa @ Friday, March 24, 2006 - 2:20:59 PM

Glad the tests came back so soon and were positive. I’m sure that ear infection was making her just feel like crap, those sure do hurt.  She sure looks content & comfortable now in the chair.

Posted by Melanee @ Friday, March 24, 2006 - 4:46:03 PM

Yea! So glad to hear Ciara is ok, she is sooooo cute! You may be right about the mourning thing, I have had cats of my own go through it. Ciara has many fans and we all want her to do well, good luck.
P.S. I have a Siamese mix who does the same eye thing with the added extra of swaying her head from side to side, vet also said genetic.  grin

Posted by Kathy B @ Friday, March 24, 2006 - 6:07:20 PM

The TED said after we lost out 16 year old cat that the younger one may become a little depressed. I thought he was kidding. She spent almost two weeks eating little, not wanting to be held and then not wanting to be put down when she was held, laying in front of the older kitties favorite “cave” and acting like she was lame and sick. She started acting better when the other cats ashes came back, go figure. She actualy attacked my husband when he tried to remove the older ones cat dish from the feeding area.

Posted by Donna @ Monday, March 27, 2006 - 8:26:04 PM

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