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      Wednesday, July 03, 2013

07:08 AM - 07/03/2013

The topic: Two days before we lost Angel


I'd called the vet to make an appointment for two kitties badly in need of dentals. The first opening for a dental was the 26th of June. I made the appointments for Richie and Sagwa, both who've been in for teeth problems before.

Richie had prevously been diagnosed with stomatitis and I knew there was a possibility he'd lose a lot of teeth. Sagwa was having a hard time yawning and eating. We had an appointment for Richie to speak to the vet about him and the vet agreed about how bad his mouth was (it was worse the week before, he was drooling and bleeding, but I called in and got a prescription of Clindamycin, the dosage was almost double what is normal and it knocked a lot of the infection down before the surgery).

Richie lost all of his teeth, he has none left, but he's feeling ever so much better.

The vet warned me about Sagwa when I picked them up. He said "that cat is just sitting there, staring at the corner and foaming at the mouth, I don't like that" and gave me some injectable Buprenex to give Sagwa intermuscularly (I got a very short lesson in how to do this) since the vet didn't feel Sagwa would be inclined to hold still for the oral meds.

When we got home and I let the two of them out of the carriers, Richie dashed off as did Sagwa. But Sagwa dripping foam as he did. I was finally able to get him and took him into the bathroom where I wiped off his face and neck and head with a damp washcloth. He liked that, he started purring. He still drooled a little, but he didn't foam any more.

As for the injections, the first one at six pm went well. The one at nine, not so well. When I jabbed him and plunged he pulled away, taking the needle still in his leg and the syringe in my hand. I had to catch him to get the needle. Same thing the next morning, but he only had the three injections so it wasn't so terribly horrible.

Both kitties are feeling much better now.

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