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      Tuesday, March 08, 2005

10:08 AM - 03/08/2005

The topic: Today’s take…


Tuesday, March 8, 2005  Well, we went up to the top of Icky Hill this morning, then over to the school that’s behind my mom’s house.  I was pretty happy with the way the walk went, happy that getting to the top of the hill wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be.  (You know how a couple of years ago, I lost 48 pounds, well, I think I’ve packed most of that back on.  I’m not sure, because I haven’t gotten on the scales, but I did have to buy new pants for the Disney trip last October, those size tens from the previous year were getting stretched to their limit.)  I thought we’d find some money by the school, I figure kids and drunks aren’t really careful, but we didn’t find a thing.

Today’s tally: .00

Brian came home early yesterday, washed my car, then we went shopping.  We were low on pet food, so we hit the pet store and $140.00 (plus change) later, we left.  Then over to CostCo where I had a slice of pizza for lunch.  When we got home, I put away the groceries and Brian emptied the cat food bags into the container.  I still have to stack the canned.

I wasted the afternoon trying to find a new stat tracker for the websites.  I have a really nice log analyzer, but my current host doesn’t have the access logs in the format needed for the analyzer. I did find one that will work with the .gz format, but it isn’t real time.  I do like it, though, much more than the one that my host provides. And unlike many of the analyzers I found, I can use this on all of my websites, since it’s run from my computer.  There’s a thirty day trial and I’ll most likely buy it at the end of the trial.  I’ll keep my current stat tracker on the websites, too, because that one is real time.  I checked the website where I got it to see if there were any updates.  He no longer supports this version and it would appear he’s no longer doing anything on his most recent incarnation.  I really can’t see paying $250.00 for something that doesn’t get upgrades.

I haven’t had the heater come on the past three mornings.  Today it was okay at first, since my body was pretty heated up from the walk, but about forty-five minutes ago, I started feeling really cold.  Doors, windows were shut (once I realized Little Bit was in, for some reason, that mattered) and I turned on the furnace.  It was only five degrees cooler in the house, but that really made a big difference.  It might be that it’s so foggy and wet outside this morning. 

I never did get paperwork done yesterday, although I started getting it ready last night by stacking unopened mail on my desk.  A big mistake, because some kitty puked on it last night.  *sigh*  And this morning, when I hit the “print” for employee checks, the daggum printer wouldn’t print.  So, Brian left without payroll.  I ended up uninstalling the HP and re-installing it.  First time I chose the wrong software and the check printed out wrong. Oops.  So frustrating when I’m in a hurry.  I ended up going into the kitchen and making Brian’s lunch while the computer rebooted.

As for his lunch, the last time we had roast beef, there was enough left over for a sandwich, so I made him one.  I cook my roasts in the crockpot and they’re usually nice and stringy.  When I was a kid my mom made roasts in the oven that were like that, big chunks of meat, not sliced like at restaurants.  And I’ve always liked those better.  But that doesn’t make very pretty sandwiches.  I’ve found if I use less water while it cooks, the roast is drier and doesn’t fall apart quite so easily, better for slicing. 

Well, Brian raved about how good that sandwich was, so the last time we bought meat at CostCo, I bought some roasts to make just for his lunch.  And yesterday, I cooked one, took it out last night and wrapped it good in aluminum foil and sliced it up this morning.  All the while grouching about the damned printer not working.  I used the electric knife since I don’t have any serrated edge meat knives and my thumb started to hurt, holding down on that button.  If I make a habit out of this, I’ll have to get a decent knife (my thumb still bothers me from the time I fell on it trying to get the cats in the house one night; I jammed it pretty badly and the area that hurts is actually more towards the side of my hand-I know one day it will just stop hurting).

It was kind of killer, to smell that cooking and not be able to have it for dinner.  We had rolled tacos and guacamole I’d made up for Sunday dinner (we had bean and cheese burritos).  But the cats got quite a few morsels this morning and I even nibbled on it.

Then I came back and cursed the printer some more :cussing and decided to do the re-install. 

Well, that’s about it for now.  Got all that paperwork to do, but first I’ll read the newspaper and maybe even take a little nap.  I’m old, I’m entitled.

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