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      Tuesday, July 01, 2008

10:30 AM - 07/01/2008

The topic: To the vet!


Oliver has been flatulent the past month.  He’s just not looked like he was on his game.  So, last Wednesday I called to make an appointment for him. The office was closed Friday and yesterday was the soonest I could get him in.

Ollie had lost three pounds since his last visit, but other than that, the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him.  The vet complained and kept blowing in Ollie’s face when he tried to listen to Ollie’s heart.  He couldn’t hear it over the purring.  *lol* He said Oliver was doing well for a cat his age.  18!  I had no idea he was that old, but remember, I got him from the ex-petsitter who got him from her father-in-law.  The vet told met that there might have been a little bowel problem that made Ollie pass gas.

He suggested Ollie have blood tests to find out the reason for the weight loss and he’d call me later. 

Ollie didn’t fight the blood draw and they kept telling me what a great cat he is.  And I couldn’t help but think of what the ex-sitter said when she told me he needed a home.  “That he had problems with people and if we didn’t take him, she’d have him put to sleep because she didn’t trust him around people.”  Yeah, right.

So, the vet calls yesterday afternoon, around 4:30.  Ollie’s kidney values aren’t the best they could be, he’s in stage two kidney failure.  Which isn’t that bad, it goes up to stage five.  He told me of a drug, Calcitriol, that will help extend Ollie’s life.  He’ll get it on a daily basis, just a small amount.  The vet would call in the prescription to a compounding pharmacy in Arizona and they’d call me today to get billing information. And when I need it refilled, I can call them direct.

The vet said this should make Ollie feel much better.  I sure hope so. He deserves a good life.

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