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      Friday, June 23, 2006

08:08 AM - 06/23/2006

The topic: This morning’s Ciara update


Still haven’t heard about the MRI schedule. 

She tried to bite me yesterday when I was stroking her down the side and ran my hand down her leg.  Is this a sign that she’s getting feeling back?  Or was it just that whatever I did, it put pressure above the leg and hurt?  I’d like to think she’s getting the feeling back, but that could be wishful thinking on my part.  I’m doing a lot of that lately. 

She doesn’t always make it to the litterbox, but she does try to get out of the carrier before she goes.  There have been a couple of times she’s peed (I think it’s her, anyway) outside of the carrier on the floor.  And there is the occasional time she doesn’t make it out of the carrier, which is why I check her blanket every couple of hours.  And I say a little prayer of thanks that I bought so many of those cheap fleece blankets last year.  It would be hard to run out.

Brian will be home in time to take us down to the vet this morning. I’m relieved about that.  I was dreading the ride down.  Trying to adjust to these contacts (which I just know are monovision, otherwise my right eye wouldn’t be so blurry when I’m not “seeing” close range and I’m going to let that doctor have it on Tuesday), my ankle is still hurting a little, although the swelling had gone way down, and driving in an area I’m not familiar with at all, well, I was dreading the ride down.  With Brian driving today, when I have to go it alone I won’t also be trying to find the address.

As for donations, if you want to give something towards her care, use one of the donation buttons at the bottom of this page, the PayPal or the Amazon buttons.  And mention when you give that it’s for Ciara.  We don’t really need anything, honestly, but if you want to give, it will go toward Ciara.

And that’s about it for my little furfaced sweet Ciara Vista’s morning update.  I hope the next update will bring happy news.

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