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      Sunday, June 08, 2003

04:24 PM - 06/08/2003

The topic: The sun will come out…


Sunday, June 8, 2003 The sun will come out eventually.  For longer than fifteen minutes.  I hope.  Gah, this is a horrible June so far, weather wise.  Well, I guess one way of making lemonade with this lemon weather is knowing that this cooler, cloudy weather is good for the plants so recently planted.  I’ve got quite a few gazinias, though, and I’d love to see the flowers.  They don’t open much with so little sun.

Friday, Brian and I were going to go to Home Depot, after he got done mowing the lawn.  I got all ready (put on a decent pair of pants instead of sweats) and then we were going to do some work by the pool. He’d finished the rock wall by the pool pump (he did an excellent job, it looks great); and he was planning on planting a palm tree and I was going to put more bedding plants around it. Well, I find out he was waiting on a call so that he could go look at a tractor.  I just don’t understand this.  We have absolutely no money right now.  We got a letter from the IRS earlier this week and it looks like I screwed up on the taxes.  I had input that we’d paid more than we had in estimated.  Somehow, I carried over a figure from last year’s.  Well, heck, why can’t we use the same payment for two year?  Huh?  Anyway, we owe over nine thousand dollars.  Due by the 23rd of this month.  I set up a payment schedule, of a thousand a month, so that should help.  But here we are, owing all this money and he’s making calls on tractors and (as I found out yesterday) old Broncos?  Argh!

Anyway, I digress.  I knew he’d planned on going to Ranchita and spending the weekend there, so I was looking forward to having him around Friday.  Once he got that page to go look at the tractor, he was on his way.  I knew it as soon as I listened to the conversation.  After everything I’ve been telling him the past couple of weeks, that I’d like to have him around at least one full weeked a month, he pulls this.  I was so frustrated, I started to cry.  It’s not something I do often, not for real life stuff.  Hollywood stuff on tv, yeah, but not real life.  I got up and walked out of the room.  He went and looked at the tractor and when he got home, he said he wasn’t going up to the property Saturday, that Mark would work alone.  And Brian would go up today.  And that’s what happened.

And we had a great day yesterday.  We went to our usual Saturday morning breakfast, then came home.  Brian left to help Mark load the truck, then came home and we went to Home Depot.  He got some potting soil and I got a few more plants.  When we got home, we worked down by the pool.  He put in the palm tree, I put down my gazinias.  He decided to redo the barrier at that part of the pool, the one part that’s never been redone.  He didn’t think he needed my help, he was doing a section at a time, but I stayed down there holding one end of the new barrier up.  What he had done was removed a good portion of what was up and was putting up the new.  But it’s a good thing I was out there, because neither of us were watching the cats and Richie scaled the fence, not a foot behind me.  I reached out quickly and grabbed him.  Put him on the ground and he ran off.  I didn’t leave until Brian had finished the new barrier.  I didn’t quite understand why the need for a new barrier and I asked why.  He pointed out that with the rock wall, the cats would be able to jump over what was existing.  And go into the yard where Hollywood was killed almost ten years ago.  A yard that’s even less safe now than it was back then.  I’ll put pictures up of the wall and the flowers when we get some sun and the flowers open up.

Anyway, the rest of the day was equally as nice.  The weather sucked, we actually got some very low clouds last night and much drizzle.  I got all of the cats in early and we watched some movies.  It was a very relaxing day and a very good day.  I wished we had more of them.

It’s so nice to see Oliver learning how to play with the other cats.  He’s made friends with Richie and they play and rassle quite a bit when out by the pool.  This morning, I saw Opie doing a little tentative interaction with Oliver.  I’ve also noticed that Oliver isn’t so quick to use his claws as he used to be.  And he’s not as bitey.  It will be wonderful when this behavior stops altogether.

Lucky is getting her appetite back.  It’s slow going, but it’s going.  And she’s walking around the house more.  During the day, she’s sleeping on the sofa and not staying on the stove, where it’s warm.  And she’s coming up to get human attention more often.  Benny has been staying inside later in the morning.  I know it’s because of his haircut and the cool weather.  Mystie got another smack in the face this morning and I’ve got her back on ointment for her eye.  Angel has been coming in the house more often.  Lonee now naps on the loveseat in the leaving room a couple of times a week.  Much nicer than having her hiding in the garage 24/7.  If I don’t move too quickly, she even lets me give her some scratches down by her tail.  She likes that, she starts purring and talking to me.  Autumn is almost invisible most of the time.  I surely wish she’d be less frightened.

Hey, I see I never mentioned this, but last weekend, I got three more shirts added to the lv store.  “Gasbag”, “KMFWA”, a new baby Lisa tee and a new baby Lisa puzzle.  And right now, all orders get a free sample of catnip while supplies last.

Guess I’ll get back to the laundry.

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