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      Friday, May 13, 2005

08:58 AM - 05/13/2005

The topic: The sucker light is on!


In this morning’s mail:


“I am reading your website and feel like I am looking into a mirror image.  It all started when I was weed eating in the back yard and my german shepard kept running in front of me and getting in the way while barking at me wildly.  I thought it was the weedeater making her agitated and just kept plugging away at all that tall stuff in the corner.  She finally pushed me aside and started dragging things out and when I looked I realized they were kittens.  Jeez…kittens in the backyard!  I called the wife and put them in a box and she cooed and awwed over them while doing feeding,cleaning and general assessment of them.  I told her they were off to the pound in the morning and meant it. As I promised I took them to the pound, payed the fees and dropped them off without a look back and went to work.  Nothing would prepare me for the shock I got when I walked into the door that evening.  She had gone and picked them back up (paying more fees of course)and taken them in. There they were.. the 3 little kittens and a weepy eyed wife telling me that she just couldnt stand the thought of them being destroyed if the didnt get adopted. So thats the way it started.

A feral would have her kittens in the back,we would befriend her and after the kittens were ready we would take them in and trap her for a trip to the vet on the feral cat program. Someone would move out and leave their cat and somehow it would get word that there were suckers that had a nice backyard with sleeping boxes,food and water,and a kind word and pat and we would have another.

The feral cat program ran out of funds so now we pay this service out of our own pockets.

We buy walmart brand catlitter at $2.00 a 25 lb bag,throw that in a 35 gallon latching tote that has a round 10 inch hole cut in 1 end of the top for catboxes. We have 3 of these. I sift them with a 5 gal bucket that I attacked with a 1/2inch drill and can do a catbox in less then 3 minutes. I freshen them at the end of every week with a light bleach washing and another bag of litter.

The reason I found your site was I bought a camera and was thinking of making my own web page basically like yours.


Very nice site btw!

I love each and every 1 of these little critters now (15 total) and consider them part of my extended family.

I just wanted you to know that there is someone out there that appreciates what your doing.

If you want to see a few of my little guys give a click or copy paste this:these were early pix.


Alan from San Joaquin County, California”

Awww…another official cat sucker.  Amazing how those little kittens can just worm their way into the heart, ya know?

I love those pictures. And I declare your German Shepherd is NOT a damn dog. (I’ve got a problem with dogs, even though we’ve had a few…*grin*) Your pooper dog is an official HERO!

Wow, what a smart dog.  Juniour has incredible eyes!

Posted by Kelli @ Friday, May 13, 2005 - 11:01:06 AM

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